Sindh Cabinet Approved Pension Reforms 2021

As per the Geo News dated 04-06-2021 Sindh Cabinet Approved Pension Reforms 2021 for the employees of the Sindh Government. The Sindh Govt decided so to reduce the pension budget. This budget would be more than the regular pay and allowances in the coming 10 years if the Govt doesn’t introduce the new reforms. These pension reforms are applicable to only the newly appointed employee.


Sindh Cabinet Approved Pension Reforms 2021


As per new rules, the family pension will be applicable as under:


  • Only Wife, Wives, Husband, or son under the age of 21 can get a family pension
  • An employee is eligible for a pension with a minimum of 25 years’ service as well as a minimum of 55 years of age.
  • For calculation of pension, the average of three years’ pay will be taken for the purpose of pension.


As soon as I get more updates in this regard I’ll share them here. I shall also try to get a copy of the cabinet approval for the info of employees.



What is New in These Pension Reforms Sindh?


1- In the existing family pension rules, the government grants pension to the husband, wife, wife, son, daughter, sisters, and a long list of family members. But in new reforms only the following members are eligible for family pension:


  • Son under 21 year age
  • Husband/Wive or Wives


2- There is no minimum limit of age for retirement but only a minimum of 25 years of service. In new pension rules, there is a condition of 55 years of age with 25 years of service.


3- For the pension calculation purpose, the last pay drawn is taken as pension calculation. But in new rules, the average of last three years pay will be taken for pension counting purpose. According to this formula, the pensioners will get less pension.





Sindh Cabinet Approved Pension Reforms 2021


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6 thoughts on “Sindh Cabinet Approved Pension Reforms 2021

  1. Respected admin kindly help
    As my mother retired in april 2021 after completion of supernuation age of 60 years she served as LHW in sindh but department is not giving pensionery benefits with objection that she has not completed 10 years service after from their regularization date i.e 01-07-2012.
    This is a serious matter for a poor employee that pension not being alowed as they served from 1996 so kindly give some advise. Thanks


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