Chart of Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019-20 Federal and Provinces

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I am today sharing the details of the Salary of a Newly Appointed Employee in 2019-20 in the Federal Government of Pakistan and all provincial Governments. I have prepared the Chart of Salary of Newly Appointed in 2020-21 till 30th June 2021. This is applicable with effect from 1st July 2019. Detail of the same is as under:

Detail of Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019-20

Before we proceed further into the details of the salary of a freshly appointed employee in 2019-20, let’s see which the common allowances among the employees of Pakistan are:

Pay in 2020-21

As the Federal, Punjab, KPK, and Balochistan Government did not increase in pay and pension in 2020-21 so the salary of newly appointed employees in 2020-21 will also be the same as the previous year.

List of Pay and Allowances a Government Employee is getting

A list of some common pay and allowance a Government employee in Pakistan is getting is as under:

  • Basic Pay
  • Conveyance Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance /Hiring
  • Medical Allowance
  • Integrated Allowance / Washing, Dress Allowance, etc
  • Teaching Allowance (Only Teachers)
  • Computer Allowance
  • Qualification Allowance (M.Phil /Ph.D. Allowance)
  • Adhoc Relief Allowances (ARA-2013,2015,2016,2017,2018,2018,2019)

(Note: Adhoc Relief Allowance 2013 & 2015 is only granted at this time to Sindh and KPK Government employees)

The difference of Allowance among Provinces and Federal Government


Here is the detail of allowances that are different from province to province as well as the federal government.

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2013

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2013 was notified by Finance Department Sindh and KPK Government @ 15% of the running basic pay with effect from 01-07-2013. KPK Government granted for all employees from BPS-01 to BPS-22 while Sindh Government granted Adhoc Relief Allowance 2013  @ 15% only up to BPS-15. BPS-16 to BPS-22 Employees of the Government of Sindh were granted 10% the same as Federal Government. Other Governments granted only 10% at that time. Later on, when Federal Government merged this allowance (10%) into basic pay, 5% remained as a separate allowance and was frozen by Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governments.

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2015

Again Adhoc Relief Allowance 2015 was different for Government employees. Federal Government, Punjab Finance Department, and Balochistan Government granted ARA-2015 @ 7.5% of the running basic pay. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Department and Sindh Government granted Adhoc Relief Allowance 2015 @ 10% of the running basic pay to all the Government employees. They also announced Revised Pay Scales 2015 for their employees.

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 is also not the same for all the Government employees of Pakistan. Federal Government, Balochistan Government, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government, and Punjab Government announced /notified only 10% of the running basic pay on the basis of Revised Pay Scales 2017. Sindh Government was much in favor of the employees. Sindh Govt notified 15% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 of the running basic pay.

Disparity Reduction Allowance 2021


Federal Government has also announced and then Notified for the Disparity Reduction Allowance 2021 (DRA-2021).  This allowance is not for all the departments of the Federal Government. This allowance is only for those departments, ministries, or divisions whose employees were not drawing 100% or more additional allowance. Federal Government granted this allowance on the current running basic pay of the pay scales 2017.


The difference of House Rent Allowance

House Rent Allowance is also different from city to city. In special cities (List of Special Cities is mentioned in calculation procedure of TA/DA) it is granted 45% of the initial of Basic pay Scales 2008. In other cities, it is 30% of the initial of basic Pay Scales 2008. Calculation of 30% House Rent Allowance is as under:

BPS-01 –Rs. 1337

BPS-02 – Rs. 1367

BPS-03 – Rs. 1413

BPS-04 –Rs. 1458

BPS-05 – Rs. 1503

BPS-06 – Rs. 1544

BPS-07 – Rs. 1589

BPS-08 – Rs. 1650

BPS-09 – Rs. 1719

BPS-10 –Rs. 1781

BPS-11 – Rs. 1853

BPS-12 – Rs. 1961

BPS-13 – Rs. 2091

BPS-14 – Rs. 2214

BPS-15 – Rs. 2349

BPS-16 – Rs. 2727

BPS-17 –Rs. 4433

BPS-18 – Rs. 5810

Hiring is also granted in lieu of House Rent Allowance to Federal Government in the following cities:

  • Islamabad/ Rawalpindi
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Karachi
  • Lahore

Other Pay & Allowances

In some departments, employees may get some other pay and allowances. These pay and allowances are not for all employees. The detail is as under:

  • Special Pay
  • Computer Allowance
  • Qualification Allowance
  • Special Judicial Allowance
  • Audit and Accounts Allowance
  • Hard Area Allowance
  • Hill Allowance
  • Entertainment Allowance
  • Ardali Allowance
  • Charge Allowance

Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019 Federal, Punjab, and Balochistan Government

Chart of Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019 for Federal, Punjab and Balochistan Government is as under:

Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019 Federal

Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019 KPK Government

Chart of Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019 for KPK Government is as under:

Chart of Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019 KPK Government

Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019 Sindh Government

Chart of Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019 for Sindh Government is as under:

Chart of Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019 Sindh Government

Deduction from Gross Salary

The above-mentioned detail is of grass salary and there is also a deduction. Detail of the deduction from gross salary is as under:

  • GP Fund
  • Income Tax (if any)
  • Benevolent Fund (BF)
  • Group Insurance (For Gazetted Staff only)

It is to mention here that the Accounts Office also deducts Group Insurance amount from the pay bills of the gazetted employees only. The latest rates of the deduction of the Group Insurance Amount have been updated for the convenience of the employees.

Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Akram for preparing the Chart of Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019-20 Federal and Provinces.

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35 thoughts on “Chart of Salary of Newly Appointed Employee in 2019-20 Federal and Provinces

  1. Please Clarify why Grade 2 federal is getting 2094 HRA instead of 2049. Some of my co-workers say its 2094 and others says its 2049.

    Thank you

  2. AOA,
    Sir me Balochistan sy hn. 2016 ma edu dep ma as JST bps14 join keya tha ab me through proper channel edu dep ma as EST bps 15 ma select howa hn. Meri last basic pay 21030 the or 5th stage tha. Ab bps 15 ma meri basic salary kya hogi or kya meri service count ki jaey gi. Kya mujhy 5th stage wali salary mily gi??,
    Or plz pay protection kya hai ye b detail ma bataen.

    1. You will not get to the 5th stage. Salary is always fixed at the next stage of the current pay. It is simple, you just see the amount in BPS-15 Rs. 21030/- if it is available then just add 2 more increments and if not available this amount just see any amount next to 2103/- and add one more increment.
      If you applied through the proper channel, then you will get your previous service counted.

  3. I am newly appointed in bps-17 in punjab agriculture research. Please send me salary breakup with detail of allowance. I am also PhD. How much will be my total salary?

  4. Dear Sir,

    respected sir i have apply for bps 11 mechanical sub engineer current vacancy 2020 MES. i have 10 year experience in mechanical plz tell how much salary do we offer in every mounth.plz explaint total salary of gross and basic.

    Best Regrds

  5. assalam o alaikum.
    dear sir meri mother health department men lady health worker theen jo k during service wafat paa gai hen plz muge 17-A k through job lene ka complete procedure bta den k application kis ko submit krwani he aur kon se documents attach krne hen.plz sir reply me i will wait for your response..

  6. Sir, here I’m stuck in an issue, which is of Ration and SPL (CONSOL) Allowance 40%. Sir, last day I met with our concerned DAO & his subordinate staff regarding aforementioned allowances, they said you just prepare Arrear bills we will draw it and aslo adjust in regular monthly salaries.

    Afterward I prepared bills, put up and send to DC sab through concerned channel/Branch, now he demanded that Notifications from both allowances needs to be produced before him and to be annexed with bills for record, Audit as well.

    At present we are getting the same allowances as mentioned below;
    Federal Levies Personnel
    1) Ration Allow: Rs. 188
    2) SPL (CONSOL) ALL 40%: Rs. 125.

    Sir, the Provincial Levies of District Killa Saifullah are getting the same allowances as mentioned below:
    Ration, Rs. 681
    SPL 40%. Rs. 560

    Sir, I humbly requests you to help me out this issue by proper guidelines and finding Notifications for me and share on my email ([email protected])

    Sir, this is most urgent repeat most urgent, as we have to draw such Arrear this month.

  7. Shahanshah Vighio · Edit


    Dear Admin,

    Can you please help me to find out the re-designation notification for the post of Data Processing Assistant(BPS-14) to Data Processing Officer(BPS-16)?
    if not, then any alternative that could help me to get upgraded to grade 16.
    Please must leave a rely with proper suggestions.

  8. Assalam o Alaikum
    Sir ma 11 june 2016 ko ct bps-15 post pr appoint howa waha mera ARA 2016 Rs.1351/- tha
    Ab ma kppsc k throgh ss bps-17 pr 13 November 2018 se ho. Mujy sakht confusion ha ka mera ARA 2016 Rs.2544/- hogi ya wo purana bps 15 wala yani 1351 rupees

    1. ARA 2016 has already been frozen. So you ‘ll get the old one. There is another formula. Just check the for BPS-17, 10% of the initial of BPS-17 of Pay Scales 2016 if it is higher then you will get this otherwise the old one.

      1. Jazakallah for reply
        Sir 10% of 2016 for bps 17 is Rs.2544
        It was my question which one is legally for me
        Bps 15 charge date. 11-06-2016
        Bps 17 charge date. 13-11-2018
        Old ARA 2016 is Rs.1351
        And also it is freezed.

        1. You will get 2544/ – as a newcomer in BPS-17 also gets Rs. 2544/- but not his this amount increases with the increase of his basic pay withy pay scale revision or annual increment as the same is frozen. This 2544/- is the initial of the BPS-17 of Pay scales 2016.

      2. 2544 > 1351
        But still some clerks told me u will take 1351 as it is freezed while some other suggested 2544
        Now legally who is right
        Plzzzzzzz sir reply me. u r my last hope for this confusion

    Kindly guide me that I got post of EST teacher in FGEI C/G so that they sent appointment letter in which they mention salary as (RS.15180-1170-50280) therefore kindly tell me what is the actuall or total salary of (EST BPS-14) per month.
    Thanking you

    1. My friend is appointed in disable son qouta in BP’s 9 he is saying that he will get 28000 salary is it possible in his pay slip adhoc allowance of 2017,2018,2019 is given but he is appointed in 9 March is possible mam

  10. Aslam alaikum , hope you are doing well, Dear sir I want to know the full salary with allowances of Director physical education bps17 through spsc .can you kindly guide me.

  11. Sir me computer lab assistant bps-07 appoint hua hon lkn meri gross pay 19185 bani hai.. in KPK.. plz reply on WhatsApp.. so that i can talj with u

  12. Sir mere dad ki death ho gai thi during service. 9 years 9 month and 14days hue the job ko. To hamein kitni grajuaty etc mil jaye gi plz plz reply my whatsapp 03015036202. Federal Govt. Mein the


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