Budget Speech Copy 2021-22 KPK and Pay Increase Employees

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government announced budget on 18-06-2021 and as per Budget Speech Copy 2021-22 KPK the Govt increased salary / Pay Employees. Not only the KP Government raised salary but also the Govt announced an increase in pensions for the pensioners. The details are as under:


Budget Speech Copy 2021-22 KPK and Salaries


As per budget speech 2021-2022, the following pay/pension increase the Govt recommended for the employees and pensioners of KPK:

  • 10% increase in salary as Adhoc Relief Allowance 2021 with effect from 1st July 2021
  • 20% Sectoral or Functional Allowance for the employees getting no special allowance
  • Increase in pension @ 10%  for the pensioners
  • Minimum wage rates enhanced for workers @ 21,000/- per month.
  • House Allowance Increase 7% of the Basic Pay


KPK Budget Speech and Pay



Other Governments Pay/pension Increase for employees and pensioners


Before this Federal, Punjab, and Sindh Governments have announced the budget 2021-22. Let’s summarize the packages for employees these Governments announced for the employees.

Federal and Govt announced in Budget 10% Adhoc Relief Allowance. Sindh Government announced 20% Adhoc Relief Allowance. Punjab Govt also announced a 25% Special Allowance on the initial basic pay. Federal Government has already granted Disparity Reduction Allowance 2021 with effect from 1st March 2021. Federal Govt also decided to enhance integrated allowance for the Class IV employees from Rs. 450/- per month to 900/- per month. Sindh Govt granted a special allowance for the class four employees of the province.

Finalization of Budget Speech Announced Packages for KPK Employees


The KPK government has announced these packages for the employees for employees. Now the employees will decide whether these pay/allowance/pension are satisfactory for them or not. The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will finalize these packages at the time of the final closing speech of Budget that is expected in a week. Let’s see whether the package remains the same as announced in the budget speech or there may any change in it during its finalization.


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Budget Speech Copy 2021-22 KPK and Pay Increase Employees

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  1. Muhammad Tariq says:

    Shame shame chief minister,
    The KP government did not increase pensions last year due to a carona and a worsening economic situation in the country. Now the treasury is full, yet these misers have so little increase in our pensions. Damn this budget. And there is a curse on those who have abused pensioners. Shame Shame Chief Minister KPK.

  2. Farid Ahmad says:

    what about housing subsidy allowance beneficiary

  3. Zia says:

    What does this “Functional or Sectoral” allowance announced by KP govt in budget 2021-22?
    Can anyone explain it further? Haven’t heard this name of the allowance?

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