Appointment of Field Staff for Digital 7th Population and Housing Census 2022

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A criteria has been fixed for Appointment of Field Staff for Digital 7th Population and Housing Census 2022 in Pakistan. the main appointments are for Charge Superintendents, Circle Supervisors, and Enumerators. The details are as under:


Appointment of Field Staff for Digital 7th Population and Housing Census 2022


The  Government of Pakistan has decided to conduct the first-ever Digital 7th Population and housing census in the country during the year 2022. Keeping view in above, it submitted that  following criteria may be followed during that Appointment of Filed Staff. The main appointments are as under:


  • Appointment of Charge Superintendents
  • The Appointment of Circle Supervisors
  • Appointment of Enumerators


Appointment of Charge Superintendents:


The appointment of Charge Superintendents will be made from Officers of Local Administration, preferably from the departments have in touring duties i.e. Assistant Education Officers, Naib Qasid  Tehsiladars / Assistant Mukhtiarkars /Kanungos /Girdawars/ Supervisory Tepedars in Rural Areas, while Headmasters/ Senior Teachers, and Education Officers working in Metropolitans/Municipal Corporation/Municipal Committees/ Town Committees in Urban areas to be preferred and they must have good skills/ commands on IT and can Operate digital devices easily.


Appointment of Circle Supervisors:


The Circle Supervisors will be appointed from Patwaris, Head Masters of Primary/Middle Schools, Senior Teachers, Secretaries of the local council, and officials of pay scale from 10 to 16 from the metropolitans/municipal corporation/municipal committees/ town Committees, etc., preferably from the local area. The Supervisor will look after the work of 5to 7 Enumerators in Rural and Urban Areas. In case a Circle comprises more than 8 Blocks additional circle supervisor may be appointed by giving 7 blocks to each supervisor separately. They must have good skills/commands on IT Teachers and E-Patwaris can operate digital devices easily.


Appointment of Enumerators:


The appointment of Enumerators will be made in the Rural Areas preferably, from Primary, Middle and High School Teachers, Local Government employees, agriculture field assistant and employees of health department who are posted and working in the same area. In the urban areas, the school teaches. Secretaries local council and senior clerks working in the metropolitans/Municipal Corporation/ Municipal committees/ town Committees etc. will be taken as enumerators, having a pay scale from 7 to 14. They must be well aware and have efficient knowledge/skills about operating Tablets as well as good commands to fill census data in the assigned software. It is further added that as per recommendations of the census advisory committee female staff may also be appointed as Enumerator for better and quality of data collection.


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Appointment of Field Staff for Digital 7th Population and Housing Census 2022

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