Notification Upgradation PSTs to BPS-14 wef 14-07-2022 (Sindh)

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Government of Sindh, School Education & Literacy Department issued a Notification on 15-11-2022 in connection with Upgradation PSTs to BPS-14 wef 14-07-2022 (Sindh). The details are as under:


Upgradation PSTs to BPS-14 wef 14-07-2022 in Sindh


Sr. No Description Details
1 Name of the Post Upgraded Primary School Teachers (PST)
2 Existing Basic Pay Scales BPS-07 and BPS-09
3 Upgraded Pay Scale BPS-14
4 Department School Education & Literacy Department
5 Notification No SO(P-I)SELD/UPGRADATION/2022
6 Date of the Notification 15th November 2022
7 Effective Date 14th July 2022

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Details of the Notification


With the approval of Competent authority i.e. Chief Minister, Sindh approved vide Summary No. 57 dated 18.03.2022, the primary School teachers (BS-07/09) are hereby upgraded to the BS-14 w.e.f. 14.07.2022 (the date of approval of summary), subject to the recommendation of the scrutiny committee constituted vide notification No.SO-III (SGA&CD)13-123/2022 dated 22nd July 2022. The upgraded PSTs will remain senior to newly appointed PSts whatsoever is the date of appointment of new teachers and up-gradation of senior teachers.


Notification Upgradation PSTs to BPS-14 wef 14-07-2022 (Sindh)


Financial Effects to the Employees


It is a good step for the Government of Sindh. The employees so upgraded will get now better financial benefits. They will now enjoy the benefits of the BPS-14 pay scale. The employees mainly get the following benefits:



Their medical allowance will remain the same as the Medical Allowance rate from BPS-01 to BPS-15 is Rs. 1500/- per month. Disparity reduction Allowance, Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 will also remain unchanged as mentioned in the Revised Pay Scales 2022 Sindh. The employees who upgraded will also get more TA/DA (if any).


How to Fix Pay on Upgradation in Sindh?


The employees so upgraded will get the next above increment plus a premature increment. Suppose an employee of BPS-09 is getting Rs. 26190/- as Basic pay. His/her pay will be fixed as under:


Pay Fixation without Option


Sr. No Date Basic Pay Remarks
1 13-11-2022 26190/- BPS-09 BPS-09
2 14-11-2022 27750/-BPS-14 BPS-14 (Next Above)
3 14-11-2022 29490/-BPS-14 BPS-14 (Premature Increment)
4 01-12-2022 29490/- No Annual Increment


Pay Fixation with Option


Sr. No Date Basic Pay Remarks
1 30-11-2022 26190/- BPS-09 BPS-09
2 01-12-2022 27280/-BPS-09 BPS-09 Annual Increment
3 01-12-2022 27750/-BPS-14 BPS-14 (Next Above)
4 01-12-2022 29490/- BPS-14 (Premature Increment)


If we see at the above examples of pay fixation, in both the examples with option and without option the pay of an employee is fixed the same on 1st December 2022. So there is no use of using the option in this example. However, for other basic pay in this up-gradation the case may not be the same. The employees can get more benefits by using the option.






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