Educational Scholarship by Government of Balochistan

Government of Baluchistan is providing scholarships/Support to students, poor patients, and poor widows. The Grant of 1250000 has been issued by the Government of Baluchistan. It is for the years 2022-2023. It will be provided under the eye of a Committee, formed on the district level.

Educational Scholarship by the Government of Balochistan


The students who cannot spend on their education expenditures can get benefits from this scholarship especially the students of Dera Bugatti.  Else, the patients who can’t afford the expenditures of treatment can get help. The widows, who have no means of living, can get support.

Terms and Conditions for Scholarship  For students


  • The poor and orphan students, who can’t pay their College/Tuition fees or Hostel Charges etc. Can apply for this program.
  • The students who are being educated under any College/University.
  • The applicant has to submit an application after verification from the institute.
  • Applicant needs to attach CNIC copy, copy of Educational certificates, and passport-size photographs.
  • The children of Government or semi-Government servants are not able to submit applications through this program.


Terms and conditions for Treatment


  • The poor patients who can’t afford the expenditures of treatment, and their treatment is not possible in districts Dera Bugti can get support from this program.
  • Patients suffering from epidemic diseases like (Hepatitis, and cancer) will be given preference.
  • The CNIC copy, copy of all the forms of diagnosis of disease, and passport-size photograph should be attached to the Application form.
  • This will not be provided to the children of govt or semi-Government servants.


For Windows/Poor Women


  • Such women who are widows or poor, and don’t have any permanent source of income, shall be provided with this support.
  • The death certificate is necessary to be attached to the Application form for the widow.
  • The children of Government or Semi-Government services, shall not be entertained through this support program.

Last Date for Applying


For this Special Support program,  candidates can apply by submitting their applications to the branch of office by 25th December 2020.


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Educational Scholarship by Government of Balochistan

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