Welfare Measures of Pakistan Government for Labourers

On the celebration of Labor Day on 1st May 2023 Government of Pakistan announces various Welfare Measures of Pakistan Government for Labourers across Pakistan. The government of Pakistan announces various measures in order to facilitate poor labor from every part of the country. These measures are taken just to salute the services of the Labor Force. As it plays a vital role in the economy of the country. The government is taking more steps to raise the economic standard of the labor force. The government has also announced for enhancement of death grant and marriage grant for laborers.

Following are some measures for the welfare of Labour:


Salient Welfare Measures of the Pakistan Government for Labourers


Here are some of the salient features of the programs that the Government initiated for the labourers especially the Government of Punjab.



Welfare Packages Punjab


  1. Provision of Social Security as a 10% Increase in Pension


For the Social Security of the Labour force in Pakistan government announced a 10% increase in the Pensions of Labour. This step is taken in order to facilitate Labour financially.  because of Inflation Labour cannot meet its expenses as there is no source of extra income.


  1. Free Medical Treatment


As a Social Security government also announces free medical treatment for the labor force. Almost more than 85-lacs patients can avail of this opportunity of free medical treatment. Patients can register themselves and receive free treatments. In this basic medical tests will totally be free and patients will receive free treatment up to the provided limit. The government of Pakistan also made future plans to provide free Cancer treatment services.


  1. Introducing “Safety App”


The government of Pakistan plans to introduce a safety application for the registration of the Labour force.


  1. Provision of Marriage Grant


In order to facilitate the Labour force Government also announces a 100% increase in marriage grants. As Government is paying almost Rs.2,00,000 as a marriage grant to the laborers but now it increases by 100% and the government will pay Rs.4 lacs as a marriage grant. During this year Government distributed almost  Rs.52 crores among 3600 Labour families.


  1. Increase in Death Grant up to 8-lacs


For the welfare of laborers Government of Pakistan announces an increase in death grant also. Previously laborers receives the amount of 6 lacs as a death grant from the government.  For the benefit of Labour and to support financially Government increases this amount up to 8 lacs as a death grant.


  1. Educational Scholarships


Government announces free educational scholarships to the children of twenty thousand workers. For the provision of these scholarships, the government will spend 2 billion rupees. These scholarships will help these students to get admission to colleges and universities.


Workers Welfare Fund Future Plans for Benefits of Labour


Workers Welfare Fund Ministry of Overseas Pakistani announces the continuity of developmental and welfare projects for the Labour force. On this Labour Day Ministry promises to increase the number of welfare projects and developmental as these workers are the base of the economy of our country. Ministry pays” Grand Salute” to the Labour force for showing unity on this Labour Day.

Government makes many future developmental plans for the benefit of the Labour force. Some of these plans are as follows:


  1. Free Cancer Treatment at CMC (Combined Military Hospital) and at Government hospitals
  2. Transplantation of Human Organs ( artificial organs)
  3. Distribution of Sewing Machines
  4. Provision of Ambulance Services
  5. Providing Skilled base Education (Solar Technician, E-Commerce, and Health Technician)
  6. Distributions of Bicycles


Completed Projects By WWF


Workers’ welfare fund has a lot of services provided for the betterment of the labor force in Pakistan. It has completed numerous projects. Like:


  1. Completion of 83462 flats and homes
  2. Completion of 301266 scholarships for the education of students
  3. Successful completion of scholarships and produce 1070 Doctors, Engineers, and Graduates
  4. Successful provision of marriage grants to 184_346 Labour families as marriage expense of their daughters
  5. Almost 24974 Labour families have received death grants



Workers Welfare Board


Government of Sindh Welfare Measures and Reforms of Government for Labourers

The government of Sindh pays Salam and salutes to all the Labour force members on this Labor Day. Here we can check the new reforms of the Sindh Provincial Government for the betterment of the Labour Force:


  1. Provision of rights to make a “Labour Union” to the Labour of the Agriculture Sector.
  2. Making safety laws for the female Labour worker in the agriculture sector.
  3. Benazir labor card.
  4. Maternity Benefit Act,2015.
  5. Sindh Act of Wages d Payments.
  6. Sindh Factories Act,2015.
  7. Establishment Act,2015 for Shops ad Commercial Businesses.
  8. Sindh Home Based Workers Act,2018.
  9. Sindh Employees old age benefits Act, 2014.
  10. Sindh Employees Social Security Act,2016.
  11. The Apparent Ship Act,2017.
  12. Sindh Binds Labour System deputation. Act,2015.
  13. Sindh Occupation Health and Safety Act,2017.
  14. Sindh Industrial Relations Act,2013.
  15. Sindh Labour Policy 2018 for Child Labour.
  16. Sindh Commission on the States of Women Act, 2015.
  17. Sindh Protection Against Harassment of Women Act, 2010.
  18. Sindh Employment ad Rehabilitation Welfare Act, 2014.
  19. Safety for Domestic Servants.
  20. Sindh Industrial Relations Act,2013.



Welfare Measures of Pakistan Government for Labourers Sindh Govt


All the provincial governments of Pakistan are working for the Labour force which is the most important factor of the economy that cannot be neglected. We pray to achieve all goals our government has made for the welfare of laborers.

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