Notification Revised Financial Assistance Package Feb 2024 Punjab

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department issued a Notification on 07-02-2024 in connection with the Revised Financial Assistance Package Feb 2024 Punjab. The details are as under:


Revised Financial Assistance Package Feb 2024 Punjab


In continuation of this department’s letter of even number dated 07-12-2023 and in pursuance of the decision of the caretaker provincial; cabinet in its 35th  meeting help on 10-01-2024 I am director to state the governor of the Punjab has been pleased to approve the following revision in the provision of se. no 1& 4 & 5 of para—1 of the financial assistance package notified vide finance department policy letter bearing no. FD.SR-1/3-10/2004, dated 15-08-2017 for the families of civil servants who die while in service shall be applicable in case of a civil servant who dies while in service after 10-01-2024. Before this Finance Department Punjab issued the Notification of Revision Assistance Package Punjab Govt Employees. In this Notification FD Punjab also discontinued the jobs for the children/wives of the deceased Government employees. Now in this new Notification Government allowed the job.


Previous Notification: Revised Rates of Financial Assistance Package 2023 Punjab Govt Employees


Lump-sum Grant


Basic pay scale Existing rates

(rs. in million

Revised rates

(rs in millions)

1-4 5.0 3.0
5-10 7.5 3.5
11-15 10 4.0
16-17 15 4.5
17-19 20 6.0
20 & above 20 7.0



Existing Revised
Education scholarships os allowed to children of deceased civil servants (up to 3 children) out of benevolent fund as prescribed in the Punjab government servants benevolent fund Part-1&2 (disbursement) rules 1965 & 1966 Actual fees and mandatory charges which include registration fees enrolment fees, admission fees (for new admissions only) examination fees tuition fees library charges research related academic activities charges incurred on the education of children of deceased civil servants will be reimbursed for up to 3 children upon provision of original receipts from the concert institution for which emphasis may be developed by benevolent fund board unto 16 years of education from any public/private educational institution within Pakistan



EXISTING revised
Discontinued w.e.f. 21-11-2023 vide no.fd-sr-1/3-10/2004 (p-II, dated 07-12-2023 Appointment of one child or window in bs-1 to bs-11 (including the post of patwari and junior clerk) on a contract or regular basis as per provision of rules 17a of the PCS (A&CS rules. 1974 for the families of the deceased civil servants who dies while in service W.e.f 10-01-2024


Notification Revised Financial Assistance Package Feb 2024 Punjab


Revised Financial Assistance Package Feb 2024 Punjab

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