Notification of Clarification Required Regarding payment of Financial Assistance

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department issued a Notification on 02-05-2023 in connection with Clarification Required Regarding payment of Financial Assistance. The details are as under:


Clarification Required Regarding Payment of Financial Assistance


The Deputy Treasure Officer, Inspectorate of Treasuries & Accounts, Government of Punjab, Finance Department kindly refer to his letter bearing No.IT(FD)(TT)3-11/2019, dated 04.04.2023 on the subject noted above?

                The Finance Department examined the case. The Finance Department advises that as per the policy letter of the Finance Department bearing No.FD.SR.I/3-10/2004, dated 15.08.2017 read with letter No. FD.SR-I/3-23/2022, dated 14.02.2023.  The eligible legal heir(s) of a Government Servant who dies while in service, has the right to entitlement to a salary of OSD post till the date of superannuation and other benefits including salary if the post Rule 17-A of PCS (A&CD) Rules 1974 simultaneously (copies enclosed).


For Federal Employees


There is also the clarification about is the family eligible for an assistance package prior to Assistance Package Policy 2004. The answer is “No” If the employee died before the introduction of the 2004 package, the family is not eligible for the package. However, after the introduction of the package 2004 and the death should also be after 2004 the family is eligible for the packages announced by the Government. This Assistance Package is for Federal Government employees.



Notification of Clarification Required Regarding payment of Financial Assistance

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