Notification Regular Appointment under PM Assistance Package 2022

Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division issued an Office Memorandum on 23-12-2022 in connection with Notification Regular Appointment under PM Assistance Package 2022. According to this new Notification, the contract employees already working under Prime Minister Assistance Package are now regular with immediate effect. The rules for a regular appointments for future ones have been established. The details are as under:

Notification Regular Appointment under PM Assistance Package 2022


The undersigned is directed to refer to this Division’s O.M. No. 7/40/2005-E.2 dated 13-06-2006 and O.M. 8/10/2013-E-2 dated 04-12-2015 on the above-noted subject and to state that the Prime Minister has been pleased to approve the following amendment/addition under the item “Employment”.


Amendments/Addition in Previous Appointment Rules


  1. The Provision of “Contract Appointment” under PMAP-2015 is replaced with “Regular Appointment” with immediate effect, in accordance with Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion, and Transfer) Rules, 1973, except the condition of Advertisement which has already been relaxed by the Prime Minister.
  2. In case of Regular Appointment under PMAP-2015, if the applicant fails to pass the aptitude/skill test required for a specific post up to BS-15 under Civil Servants, (APT) Rules, 1973, the opportunity of Regular Appointment shall be extended to the next lower posts.


  • The Prime minister has further been pleased to approve that the services of contract employees appointed under PMAP-2006 and PMAP-2015, who are still working under the existing contract, shall be regularized with immediate effect, as a one-time dispensation.
  • All Ministries/Divisions are requested to ensure circulation of the above-mentioned amendment/addition to their attached departments and sub-ordinate offices under their administrative control for implementation in letter and spirit.


Difference between the New Package and the Previous One in Connection with the Appointment

Before this, the concerned moved a summary for the provision of regular appointment under Prime Minister Assistance Package. These employees are those whose father/mother or husband died while in service. Under previous Assistance Packages 2006, 2013 & 2015 the appointment under the PM package was only on a contract basis. Under PM Package 2006 the Government appointed the employees on 2 years contract. While under the 2013 package, the appointment was on a regular basis while later on in the 2015 package the appointment was made forever but on a contract basis. Every time the employee is appointed for 5 years on a contract basis and after every five years, the services are extended. But now the appointment will be on regular basis but with some procedures.



Notification Regular Appointment under PM Assistance Package 2022

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