Enhancement Monthly and Daily Wage Rates for the Workers a Dire Need of Time

It is a dire need of time for the Enhancement of Monthly and Daily Wage Rates for the Workers in Pakistan as the workers are facing a lot of financial issues. Their income is not comparable with their expenses.  On behalf of the laborers and workers, they request the Government that Govt should increase their monthly and daily wage rates. Finance Division has announced the Tentative date of the announcement of Budget 2023-24 Pakistan and the Government should include the salary increase for the laborers too at a reasonable level in the coming budget.

Request for Enhancement Monthly and Daily Wage Rates for the Workers in Pakistan

Labours or daily wage earners are one of the most significant components of our economy. They earn daily for doing daily work on actual working days. Workers can perform work for which they are paid on a daily basis work. They can also perform work on an hourly basis. They do have all the basic needs of life as other individuals. But in Pakistan, the labor income is very low. As it is not enough to spend on the basic needs of life. This is the age of inflation where every commodity has a high price as compared to previous years. So, the labor cannot afford these commodities even the basic ones like:


  1. Food
  2. Cooking Oil
  3. Flour
  4. Soaps
  5. Fruits and Vegetables
  6. Clothes and Shoes
  7. Rental payment for houses
  8. Transport fares etc


Income of laborers in Pakistan


In Pakistan, the daily wages or the income of Labor is very low. The minimum wage rate in Pakistan for unskilled laborers is Rs.25,000 to Rs.32000 per Month. This Is not enough to meet the daily expenses or monthly expenses.  The labor community is totally unsatisfied with this income. The government of Punjab announces the minimum wage rate in Punjab 2023 for laborers is Rs. 32,000. It has to be enhanced by a minimum of Rs.40,000/ or Rs.50,000/- monthly. From year 2023 the government has fixed the daily or monthly income of labor as under:


Workers Daily wages Monthly wages Daily Working Hours
Unskilled Labour Rs.1230/-


Rs.32000/- per month Minimum 8- hours


26- working days

Need to Enhance Daily or Monthly Wages


 Boosting the daily or monthly income of the laborers is their basic right.  They do have the right to raise their standard of living or meet all the basic expenses. They need to tackle the cost-of-living crisis. With the help of enhancing their daily or monthly income, they will strengthen to protect or afford basic necessities of their life. The table of average expenses for a small family is as under:


Sr.No Commodities Expenditure per Month
1.  Food/Flour Rs.4000/-
2. Medical treatment Rs.5000/-
3. House rent Rs.10,000/-
4. Transport (bus, rickshaw, railway) Rs.6,000/-
5. Electricity Bill Rs.5000/-
6. Fruits & Vegetables Rs.7000/-
7. Milk Rs.6000/-
8. Soaps Rs.1000/-
9. Oil Rs.6000/-
10. Clothes and shoes Rs.5000/-
  Total Average Expense for a Small Family Rs.55,000/-

Here we can see that the expected monthly expenses are more than the real income earned during the month. so the laborers with even small families cannot afford to meet their living expenses on such a low monthly income. They need to enhance their monthly income in order to fulfill their life expenses.


Role of Labour in the Economic Growth


Laborers are paid by the employer every day or they may be paid on an hourly basis. They have only this income which is very low. It is an active factor that affects the economy. An active labor force includes skilled, unskilled, semi-skilled, and professional laborers. They all need to satisfy their basic needs in life.

Government must take notice of the low income of the Labour force. It can use economic strategies to enhance the wages/Income of this important Component of the Economy.


Request to Include Salary Increase of labourers in the annual budget 2023-2024


As the government of Pakistan increases the share of a small percentage of the monthly income of government employees every year. This percentage is added to the annual budget. So, it is also the right of the Labour community to get paid more. Being human they also have families if the government raises their income they may be able to fulfill the basic needs of their families.


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Enhancement Monthly and Daily Wage Rates for the Workers a Dire Need of Time

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