Government and Business Opportunities for Youth

Government of Pakistan is struggling to provide Business Opportunities for Youth. Government Political instability affects our economy in many ways. Therefore, our economy has no favorable condition. In order to decrease the rate of unemployment and illiteracy Government of Pakistan is taking steps forward to encourage our youth to get skilled in the field of their interest. This will enhance youth empowerment.


Government Cultivates Business Sense in Youth/Youth Empowerment to Provide Business Opportunities


Youth Empowerment is needed in this century. It’s time to make them independent and they have to Take the charge of their lives. government is using many strategies and taking steps forward to provide full support to the youth.  government is providing access to resources and provide financial and moral support in order to improve their consciousness related to starting and running a business.


Important Steps Taken by The Government to Encourage Youth Entrepreneurship


 The government of Pakistan initiates many programs regarding youth empowerment. Government motivates all the active and passionate youngsters who want to do something on their own by using their built-in skills.  Therefore, the government needs to utilize its skills not only for the betterment of the country but for itself. For this purpose, Government initiates different and various financial,  vocational, and technical programs in order to cultivate the business sense in the youth of Pakistan.



Government and Business Opportunities for Youth



List of Government Initiatives

 The government of Pakistan initiates various skilled base programs in order to Polish the skills of youngsters and utilize them in different departments according to their interests and specialization.  In previous years many youngsters receive vocational and technical education from various public institutes.  Now they are serving in government departments. The government started Prime Minister Kamyab Jawaan Loan scheme to encourage youth entrepreneurship. State Bank of Pakistan consulted with the government in order to provide self-employment opportunities to all passionate and potential male and female Pakistani. Nationals. These schemes provide small business loans in order to assist young entrepreneurs for the start of personal businesses or extending their businesses.

 Here Is the List of Government Initiatives which promote youth empowerment.

  1. Prime Minister Kamyab Jawaan (Provides short-term small business loans at less interest rate)
  2. Prime Minister’s Youth Agricultural / Youth Business Loans


Loan Scheme. (Prime Minister’s Youth Agricultural / Youth Business Loans provides small loans for commercial businesses on simple terms and with less rate of interest. This financial help and support from the government assist the youth by providing long-term loans also less rate of interest.


  1. Prime Minister’s youth skill Development Program. (The Prime Minister’s youth skill Development Program flourishes and grows a sense of expertise in their own interest for the youth.
  2. Digital Youth Development Centers. (Government will establish digital use development centers in universities For wide services related to students affairs, like employment,  And Education

All Pakistani nationals have the chance and opportunity to be part of the above initiatives in order to discover their hidden potential and make a bright future.


 Prime Minister’s Message for Youth


The Prime Minister of Pakistan sent a motivational message to the youth of the country. This message appreciates the potential and qualities of young Pakistani nationals. He addresses them to utilize their strength positively.  He asks them to work hard and play important role in making Pakistan one of the developed countries.



After discussion, we conclude that Technical and vocational training is one of the basic needs of the century.  All the youngsters must avail all the opportunities provided by the government of Pakistan for youth empowerment. Indeed, we are a struggling nation but we can use our strengths and skills and meet international standards to grow the economy of Pakistan.


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