Prime Minister Youth Internship Program 2023

The PM of Pakistan has launched the Prime Minister Youth Internship Program 2023 for a period of 6 months to one year. The internees will get Rs. 25000/- per month to Rs. 40000/- per month as an internship.

The Prime Minister Youth Internship Program 2023


The purpose of the program is to equip and utilize young people with market-driven conventional and high-tech skills required for career progression with an aim to bring the capacity of youth to par with international standards. For more utilization of young talent ad skill, Government take one step forward. It introduces paid internship opportunities.

                     The government provides professional education and training to our youngsters. This is not only giving training to males. But also there are unlimited opportunities for women.


Paid Internship Program 2023


The government of Pakistan announces paid internship opportunities for the young generation. All interested candidates male and female can apply till 11 April. Applicants need to apply online.


Ministry of Education and Professional Training Institute


It is another progressive step of our Government to improve the skills of youngsters. For this purpose, Government opens the way for earning and serving all young males and females. There are different fields of skills. These skills are used to serve in a better way.


PSDP Internship Vacancies


Prime Minister announce 20,000 vacancies of paid internships. This program helps to grow more. Youngsters will earn and serve.  This program is basically for polishing the skills of skilled people. Unemployed youngsters can get opportunities for earning. They can serve their country and family too.


Internships in the Public and Private Sectors


For a bright and progressive Pakistan, Government takes progressive steps. After Tele School Pakistan Education, it is another good action. Government announces 40,000 internships in Public and private sectors. All diploma holders and graduates can avail this chance.


Duration of internship


The internship program is for 6 months to 1 year Skillful candidates can learn more in practical life. This is the right way toward development and progress. The progress of a nation and country depends upon the progress of the individual.


Method to apply


Applicants across Pakistan can apply online. They can register through the website


Salary of Internship


All internees can earn Rs. 25000 to 40,000 monthly. This opportunity helps to utilize gaining time.


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Prime Minister Youth Internship Program 2023

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