Tele School Pakistan Initiation Digital Education

I am here to share the details of Tele School Pakistan for the purpose of the Initiation of Digital Education. Just download the application, create an account, and start studying.

Launching Tele School Pakistan by PM Pakistan

Tele school is a very important and innovative step. Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef took this step for digital education. Digital education is environment and user-friendly. Students can get education from the mobile application. According to the needs of learning it covers all subjects. Every lecture is related to academic needs. It meets the requirements of the National Curriculum.


Digital Education for Primary Section


 The government of Pakistan is working for the welfare of the young generation. To meet the latest techniques and skills. The government is taking steps for making our children skillful and professional. The primary section needs the most attention and guidance. All subjects and practices are available in the application. All students can watch ad download to study properly. Even parents can help their children to study easily. This creates more fun for children. As one says,

“Education is a bright way for our bright future”.  For this purpose, the Prime minister starts the Tele Education System.


Ministry of Education and Professional Training


It is the dream of our nation to improve the skills of youngsters. For this purpose Government starts tele Education for males and females through Mobile. Users can watch and download videos from the application.

This tele Education will speed up the learning process. Even students can learn again rom missing lectures. This is the case of learning through proper channels. As mobile is an innovative thing. But it can not only be used for Entertainment and communication purposes. With the tele Education children will use it for study too. It covers almost every Student learning outcome.


Tele Education for Secondary Level


At the secondary level students mostly fail to get all lectures. They skip and cannot get lectures again. Practical subjects are also very important. Tele Education helps to learn practical also. There are all lectures for Science subjects and Arts subjects. Qualified and experienced teachers give these lectures. The professional staff knows the basic needs of students. They understand their problems. They deliver lectures in simple understanding language.


Education in Every City and Village


Tele Education is an innovative step forward toward Digital Education. A team of the best lecturers and teachers work on this application. They prepare lectures and practicals. This covers the whole National Curriculum. Every child from the city and village can avail this opportunity for learning.


Education for Bright Pakistan


After the Single National curriculum, Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef took another step. Single School for every child. The same teacher will teach all children. Students just need to create an account and start learning.


6 Digital Channels


Tele Education is an innovative step. For this purpose, There are 6 digital channels that will serve this. These channels will transmit lectures on all subjects of every level. There is a download option for students. This will help In case of skipping lectures.


Download Option


In case of no missing lecture. Students can download videos of every lecture. Every student can cover all important chapters and topics. The whole book lectures are available on mobile.


Create an account -one-step learning


For tele education, students just need to create an account and start learning. They may be in any class. They can get every lecture on every subject. This application is user-friendly. Because of the easy interface, every student can use it easily. Parents can also use this application to teach and guide their children.


No Academy -No Tuitions


Parents pay a lot of money on tuitions fee to academies. This tele education is free for all students. There is no need to pay the fee. Students can learn any time any subject in any class.


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Tele School Pakistan Initiation Digital Education

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