Proposals for Draft Single National Curriculum for Grade 9 to 12

The Ministry of Education of skills and professional development is asking for Proposals for Draft Single National Curriculum for Grade 9 to 12. There are also required suggestions to make and improvise the Single National curriculum for grades 9-12.


Proposals for Draft Single National Curriculum for Grade 9 to 12


In order to implement a single same Curriculum for all institutions all over the country government is taking steps. The Govt is making a framework to introduce the latest curriculum draft. The purpose of the same is as under:


  • To meet all the needs of Islamic values
  • Knowledge of Scientific and  technological
  • Other skills to make our generation more skilled and professional.

Importance of curriculum


 The curriculum is the most important means to achieve the national vision and goals. The National Curriculum Framework provides broader guidelines on the development of subject curriculum, instructional delivery system, assessment and testing system, and professional development of teachers. It will provide guidelines to all stakeholders to advocate an inclusive, integrated, holistic, and comprehensive approach in the development of curriculum in Pakistan.

Developing the Secondary and higher secondary Curriculum Framework


One of the emerging points of consensus from the work across the four areas is the value of developing a curriculum framework that would set out a clear vision and principles of what’s important in Secondary and higher secondary level education and why and a description, in broad terms, of what should be prioritized in children’s learning. For this introducing SNC for the whole nation is a very innovative and non-discriminative step.

Being active citizens and For making a bright future for our children,  all Teachers, students, parents, and educational specialists are invited to give suggestions needed for making a single national curriculum for grades 9 to 12.


Timeline for  suggestions for  developing a Single national curriculum


For suggestions regarding the Single national  curriculum for grades 9  to 12, all teachers, parents, students, and educational specialists can record their suggestions on the website

To support different school contexts in making optimum use of Flexible Time through careful whole-school planning, guidelines, and examples of how this time allocation can be used will be developed. This guidance will be practical support, illustrating how Flexible Time might be organized and distributed across the secondary and higher secondary.


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Proposals for Draft single National Curriculum for grade 9 to 12

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  1. If we want to progress in education we should focus on syllabus.islamic and scientific syllabus in which skills should be compulsory.


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