Public Proposals for Budget 2023-24 Finance Department Sindh Govt

Finance Department Sindh has advertised for Public Proposals for Budget 2023-24. For the welfare and corruption-free Government, the government of Sindh and the Finance department introduces the “Citizen Budget”. This will help the citizens to have complete knowledge about expenses. They will know how and where the tax they have paid is spent. Citizen Budget provides pure and corruption-free utilization of Taxes paid by the public.


Finance Department Sindh Govt Demanded Public Proposals for Budget 2023-24


The Government of Sindh thinks that people have the right to know how the government is spending the amount of taxes they paid. The taxes are used for the welfare of the people of the country. This amount is firstly in hands of people and then is to be paid to the government on a broad level. Citizen Budget is a remarkable step by the Government of Sindh. Citizens can participate in drafting this budget. Where they need most and less.


Citizen Budget  Accountability Bureau


With the help of the Finance department Government of Sindh has made the remarkable step to enhance the trust of people. By allowing them to take a part in drafting the budget. they can make sections of their need. they can allot money from their taxes to improve the area where they need it most. This will help to understand how the government is working not only for the welfare of the people but also for the welfare of the country.

This province takes more steps for making clear and transparent use of the amount of all taxes which people pay.


Sindh Government Step Citizen Budget 2023-2024


The government understands the real use of Taxes. But, people should also get information about the distribution of expenses. Further, the amount distributes for meeting these expenses. Knows only about this, But for the first time, the Government of Sindh helps people to participate in drafting the budget 2023-2024.


Citizen Budget Division


The citizen budget is divided into major parts. These parts get a major amount of taxes. The most important part is Health. Government invites citizens to take part in how the health departments distribute money to improve health facilities and the welfare of the health department.


Education Department Citizen Budget


Sindh Government seeks suggestions from people regarding the budget 2023-2024. Education is the most important department. The government takes many appreciable steps to promote Education for all. For this purpose, the budget is divided into main parts for the welfare of not only students but also the welfare of teaching and non-teaching staff.


Developmental, infrastructure budget 2023-2024


Infrastructure is one of the main developmental areas of the country. The government of Sindh wants some suggestions to make transparent use of taxes. Taxes are the main source of income for the Government. The government uses this money to provide the best facilities to the people. Each person who lives in the country is under Government’s responsibility to receive his rights. This year government make the decision to show people how it is spending its money. For this people can suggest and advise the government to draft a budget. The budget is totally transparent .peopke can send their proposals for the citizen budget till 30th April 2023.


The proposal, for the citizen budget 2023-2024


The government collects direct and indirect taxes from the public. This is the main source of income. Every year it makes a budget to distribute this income to every department for welfare and development. The finance department and the federal board of revenue work together under the instructions of the Government. But for this year’s budget people of Sindh are invited to participate in drafting the budget.


Citizen proposals for drafting budget 2023-2024


For drafting the budget 2023-2024 Government of Sindh go forward with public proposals for the distribution of the amount of taxes. In this case, Government takes one step forward toward the public and shares the allocation of funds and taxes in the budget. the annual budget is the most important work of the finance department. It has the whole responsibility to draft it .but now the budget is drafted by taking people’s choices of spending more on what they need more. Allocation of money to the department and area where there is a need for development and improvement. Government asks for public proposals for drafting the budget till 30th April 2023.


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Public Proposals for Budget 2023-24 Finance Department Sindh Govt

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