Prime Minister’s Kisan Package 2022 Loan Scheme

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I am sharing here the Prime Minister’s Kisan Package 2022 Loan Scheme. The details are as under: It is big news for the farmers that the prime minister of Pakistan announces the Kisan package for the formers on agriculture loans because nowadays farmers are facing a very tough time. Due to severe economical situations in Pakistan,  it is difficult for Farmers to bear the expenditures of growing crops.  Moreover, Floods in Pakistan in the past year have left many lands barren. Floods ruined over a million of acres fields and left farmers empty-handed. To support our farmers and strengthen the economy Prime Minister announces the provision of interest-free loans to the agricultural community of Pakistan.


Loan Scheme Prime Minister’s Kisan Package 2022

Government of the Pakistan announces different packages for the farmers and youth. The government will provide Agriculture loans of more than 23 billion rupees to Farmers and youth. The main object of the scheme is to make farmers prosper. And as Pakistan is an agricultural land, the loan scheme also enforces our young generation to turn to agricultural businesses.


Loan Packages of Prime Minister’s Kisan Package


These Loan packages will be provided through Prime Minister’s Kisan Package

Sr. No. Category Loan Package Markup Rate
01 Mark Up Subsidy Scheme 06 Billion 0% markup
02 Markup Subsidy and Risk sharing scheme 10 Billion 07% Markup
03 Youth Business and Agriculture Loan Scheme 07 Billion 07% Markup
04 Interest-Free Loans and Risk Sharing Scheme 50 Crores 0% Markup

Features of Prime Minister’s Kisan Package

  • Loans of over Rs. 23 Billion will be provided
  • 25 percent of loans are reserved for the women
  • Easy terms and conditions
  • Easy installments
  • Zero mark for flood-prone areas

How to apply for the Kisan Packages?

For the application for Kisan packages, formers can visit online on

For the contact:

For the contact, formers must visit the nearest branch of the Agriculture Development Bank

Address: Head office 1, Faisal Avenue, Islamabad, UAN:111303030


Before this Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated the PM Youth Loan Scheme 2023 Business and Agriculture for the youth of Pakistan as well as the farmers of Pakistan.


Prime Minister’s Kisan Package 2022 Loan Scheme

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