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Government of Punjab, Finance Department issued Notification Schedule of Wages Rates 2022 Punjab. The FD Punjab in this regard issued Notification No. RO (Tech) FD 2-2/2022 dated 15-07-2022. The details are as under:

In pursuance of the instructions contained in letter No. FD.PR-10-18/72, dated 09/10/1975 read with letter No. FD.PR-10-18/72(P), dated 04/08/2017 and Notification No. RO(Tech)/25564.FD.2-2/2018, dated 09/09/2021 issued by the Government of the Punjab, Finance Department, Lahore, the following Daily Wage Rates…

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued a Notification on 09-09-2021 in connection with the Schedule of Wage Rates 2021 Punjab. The details of the same are as under for the info of the concerned.