Notification Complete Ban on Official Iftar Parties Ramazan 2023

Government of the Punjab, Services & General Administration Department issued a Notification on 25-03-2023 in connection with Complete Ban on Official Iftar Parties Ramazan 2023 and presenting official gifts/souvenirs to guests except foreign guests.


Complete Ban on Official Iftar Parties Ramazan 2023


The government of Punjab services and general administration department issued a notice regarding a Complete ban on iftar parties. All the Government departments are not allowed to arrange iftar parties.


Complete Ban on Presenting Luxurious Gifts to departmental  delegations


Due to the economic crisis and bad economic conditions government issued a notice regarding simplicity during Ramadan. According to this notice government orders all the government departments that they should not arrange any age luxurious gifts for local delegations. These expensive gifts are not suitable for our economic system. Ramazan is a holy month so we must celebrate it in a simple way. Also, the economic condition of Pakistan does not allow to arrangement of such expensive iftar parties.


Government Policies To Bring Down Economic Crisis 


In the holy month of Ramadan, the government of Pakistan adopts some serious policies to bring down the effects of economic crises in 2023. These steps help to meet Economic crises and debts. Our GDP ratio is not satisfactory. So we need these austerity measures


Austerity Measures Taken By Punjab Government


 The government of Pakistan implements austerity measures to avoid some debt crises during this Year. For this purpose, the government implements a complete ban on the following:


  1. Political iftar
  2. Presenting luxurious gifts to delegations
  3. Foreign delegations have exceptions they are exempted from them.

The government observes the utmost austerity in the use of public money through strict financial discipline. Government departments cannot arrange official iftar parties during the holy month of Ramadan. Local Government departments cannot present luxurious official gifts to local delegations except to foreign delegations.


Austerity Measures For Financial Years 2023


It is directed to convey dad keeping in view the extraordinary financial constraints faced by the government country. Government is pleased to enforce some austerity measures for this year. As we all know that Pakistan is facing a critical financial situation. the decision to ban all the government department iftar parties is very good. this helps to health bag financially. Simplicity is the best for the year 2023 government undertaking some strict steps. The government takes some austerity measures to control the economic crisis. basically, all the countries reach low GDP ratios, and facing large debt they adopt austerity measures. For the betterment of economic condition turn order last night from.


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Notification Complete Ban on Official Iftar Parties Ramazan 2023

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