Notification Imposing Ban on All Transfers and Postings & Leaves Punjab

Government of the Punjab, Services & General Administration Department, Section (Servoces-I) issued a Notification on 18-12-2023 in connection with Imposing a Ban on All Transfers and Postings and leaves Punjab. The ban is due to the coming election of 2024 in Pakistan. The details are as under:


Imposing Ban on All Transfers and Postings & Leaves Punjab


 The government of Punjab Services and General Administration Department imposes a Ban on all transfers and all types of postings. The section officer of the department receives directions from the government of Punjab to issue a notification to all competent authorities. The main agenda of dial notification is to impose a ban on all types of transfers and postings of government servants. In the letter issued on 18 December 2023, there are some instructions regarding imposing a ban on transfers and posting.




  1. No government autonomous semi-autonomous organization or any authority in the federation and the provinces shall post or transfer.
  2. They have no right or responsibility regarding posting or transferring any officer or any official.
  3. They must wait for the instructions till the publication of the names of returned candidates in the official gazette.
  4. No government officer or any official can avail of leave till the culmination of the election process.
  5. Maternity leave for employees or medical leave are exceptions with the authentication of a medical officer.
  6. During upcoming winter vacations, the officers and officials of the education department will not leave their stations of postings. They will remain available at their respective workplaces to attend the training plan for the polling personnel.
  7. In case of any exigency proposal of postings or transferred with cogent reason. The public interest will be sent to the Election Commission of Pakistan.


All the government servants waiting for the posting or transfer including promotion cases will remain on call. They are not allowed to leave the station without informing their respective authorities. Some pieces of training are remaining for the them regarding election 2024. Female government servants can avail the maternity leaves with a medical report or certificate from medical officers. If any government servant has medical health issues. He Can get medical leave with the permission of their higher authority.


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Imposing Ban on All Transfers and Postings & Leaves Punjab

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