Paternity Leave Bill Federal Male Employees and Maternity Leave for 6 months

As per the news of various news channels and newspapers, the duel session of parliament has approved the Bill Paternity Leave Federal for Male Employees and Maternity Leave for 6 months for females Government employees. Previously this bill was passed by Senate in 2020, hence its name is Maternity and Paternity Leave Act 2020. In this bill that the senate passed, there were 6 months maternity leave and 3 months paternity leave for Federal Government employees. The details are as under:

2023 Paternity Leave Bill Federal Male Employees and Maternity Leave for 6 months


In the recent united meeting of Parliament Members Unanimously approves a bill for the provision of paternity leave to the parents on the birth of their child.  According to the Report senator   Qurat ul Ain presented the Maternity and Paternity Leave bill before all parliament members.  After discussion and voting all parliament members accept the bill about the provision of 30 days PaternityLeave to the father.


Provision Of Maternity Leave To The Female Working Women


In the meeting of the parliament, the bill approved Maternity leaves for female workers whether they are government servants or private servants. During these maternity leaves, all female workers will receive their full monthly income without deduction.


child 6-Months
On Birth of 2nd Child 4-Months
On Birth of 3rd Child 3-Months

Paternity Leaves for Father


The joint session of the senate and national assembly approved the bill for males too that the male employees will have a 30 days leave on the birth of their baby. That rule is for a maximum of three times in his service. Punjab Government has issued the Notification of Paternity Leave for male employees in Punjab for 10 days only.


On Birth of 1st Child 30-days Father will receive 30 days leave 3 times in the whole Service with a full monthly salary.
On Birth of 2nd Child 30-days
On Birth of 3rd Child 30-days

Paternity Leave Bill Federal Male Employees and Maternity Leave for 6 months

Approved Legislation for The Transplantation Of Human Organs


In the recent Parliament meeting, Senator Kishwar Zahra also presented a draft for the transplantation of human organs. All members of parliament supported to approval and passing of this bill.


Provision of Paramedical Staff in Private Schools


The reported bill about the provision of paramedical staff in private schools and the facility of this staff upon consideration is referred to the Standing committee for approval. After voting all the parliamentary members unanimously approves the following bill. According to the presented bill, completely or partially trained staff will be provided to the private schools.


Approval Of Criminal Law (amended 2022)


Senator also presented a draft of Criminal Law with some amendments. The amended bill is also approved by all the parliament members after voting.


Parents Protection Bill


At the end of the meeting Minister of Law also presented the Parent Protection Bill.  But this bill is not currently approved as it has been pended by the parliament members for approval in the next meeting they will consider it to present it again for approval.



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