Eligibility of Conveyance Allowance during Maternity Leave

The Government of Punjab, Finance Department issued a Notification on 23-01-2023 in connection with the Eligibility of Conveyance Allowance during Maternity Leave as per the Punjab Leave Rules 1981. The details are as under:

Conveyance Allowance during Maternity Leave – Clarification of Eligibility


Title: Request for information/guidance/clarification under Punjab transparency and right to information act, 2013


I am directed to refer to your application dated 10.12.2022 on the subject noted above and to intimate that Conveyance Allowance is not admissible during maternity leave in light of Rule 13(6) of revised Punjab leave Rules, 1981 read with rule 1.15(2) of Punjab Travelling Allowance Rules (copy enclosed).


  1. Maternity Leave


(1) Maternity leave may be granted on full pay, outside the leave account, to a female civil servant to the extent of ninety days in all from the date of its commencement (as specified in the application for leave) or forty-five days from the date of her confinement, whichever be earlier.

(6) Leave salary to be paid during maternity leave shall be regulated as for other leave, in accordance with the existing instructions of the Government.


1.15 Conveyance allowance during leave or joining time


(1) Conveyance allowance falling under rule 1.14(i) may be drawn only for the period the required conveyance is actually maintained on a certificate being furnished by the officer concerned that this requirement has, in fact, been met.

                  Such a conveyance allowance may be drawn during leave or joining time at full rates, if the conveyance in question is an animal or an animal-driven vehicle and at held rates, in case of any other conveyance.

Provided that the post held by the civil servant immediately prior to the leave or joining time carried the allowance:

Provided further that the conveyance is actually maintained by the civil servant during the leave op joining time, as the case may be.

(2) Conveyance allowance falling under Rule 1.14(ii) will be admissible only for the period during which the conveyance allowance is attached and will not be admissible during leave or joining time.


Download Full Notification Eligibility of Conveyance Allowance during Maternity Leave


Special Thanks: Mr. Suhaib Qaisar


That was the detail for the CA admissibility during maternity leave for female Government employees. On the other way, the Government employee of Pakistan is demanding the Conveyance Allowance increase due to the hikes in petrol prices. All employees of Pakistan expressed the request to enhance conveyance allowance for government employees. The employees have the right to demand such an increase in CA as the fuel price nearly reached 250/- per liter.


Eligibility of Conveyance Allowance during Maternity Leave

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