Ambiguity in Provision of Allowances during Leave Period

Government of the Punjab, Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department issued a Notification on 24-06-2022 in connection with Ambiguity in Provision of Allowances during Leave Period. The details are as under, for the guidance of the employees.


Ambiguity in Provision of Allowances during Leave Period


Please find enclosed herewith a copy of letter No. FD.SR-I.6-2/2022/178861 dated 14.06.2022 along with relevant enclosure vide letter U.O.No.FD.SR-I/6-8/2018 dated 11.06.2022 received from Section Officer (SR-I), finance Department on the subject noted above.

  1. The Medical Superintendent, of THQ Hospital Safdarabad, Shiekhupura requested clarification regarding ambiguity in the granting of allowances during the leave period. Govt. of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued a clarification on the subject matter.
  2. The Finance department clarified that the performance-based allowances mentioned in the letter u.O.Mo.FD.SR-I/6-8/2018 dated 11.06.2022 which are requested ar paid to the civil servants during the performance of their duties, are admissible to an official / for the first 90 days only during a continued period of Earned leave (full pay/ half pay), study leave or during the period he remained as an OSD (awaiting posting). It is further clarified that the allowances will be admissible for the whole period to an official/officer who proceeds on Special Leave (Iddat leave), or maternity leave.
  3. I direct to request you to allow the allowances during leave as per the clarification of the Finance Department.


Ambiguity in Provision of Allowances during Leave Period


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One thought on “Ambiguity in Provision of Allowances during Leave Period

  1. So according to this notification which is the latest one, doctors working in THQ,DHQ hospitals will get all the allowances during maternity leave , except conveyance allowance, Right??
    But account office in lodhran is just giving basic salary during maternity leave to doctors in DHQ


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