Maternity Leave – A Complete Detail and Guidance

A maternity leave a compulsory leave that is granted to the female staff for maximum 90 days; 45 days pre confinement and 45 days post confinement leave. The maternity leave cannot be increased to the extent of 90 days in all form the date of its commencement (as specified in the application for leave) or 45 days from the date of confinement, whichever is earlier. Punjab Government employees (male) have also the right of paternity leave for 10 days. Detail of the same is as under:


Detail of Maternity Leave


The female employee will apply pre-confinement leave for 45 days on the basis of medical certificate issued by the doctor. After the birth of the baby, the employee will again apply for the post-confinement leave for 45 days on the production of birth certificate. If the birth of the baby is late and exceeds 45 days then the post-confinement leave will be reduced to maximum total 90 days. If there is early birth of the baby, then the employee will only get 45 days post-confinement leaves. She will not avail her 90 days maternity leave, in this case.


Deduction of Leave from Leave Account


The female staff of vocation department will get the maternity leave as many times as required. The department will not deduct it from leave account of the employee. But in non-vocation department the female employee can get 3 times maternity beyond the leave account during her complete service. The employee will not have to deducted from her leave account balance. However if she required more than three times maternity leave, then in this case the leave will be deducted from her leave account.


Combination of leave with Maternity Leave


You may get this leave with the combination of extra ordinary leave or any other kind of leave. It means that if an employee is already on Medical Leave, EOL or any other leave, it will granted with the combination of that leave.


Leave Salary during Leave


The female employee will get Leave salary during this leave. She will only not get the conveyance allowance during her leave.  If the increments occur during the leave, these increments will not be affected and the female employee will get these increments after expiry of the leave.

If you think there is any other point left or required to be explained / added / corrected, kindly mention in the comments.



Maternity Leave


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19 thoughts on “Maternity Leave – A Complete Detail and Guidance

  1. There is question regarding maternity leave pay allowances deduction rule..
    I am a doctor.. appointed as a ppsc employee..
    My account office is deducting all my pay allowances that rounds about 67k per month during my maternity leave.. are they deducting rightly or not??? Please guide

  2. Aoa.
    If a doctor (regular wmo, on lien) is working in a government hospital as adhoc employee (e.g as Senior Registrar Gynae),, will she get maternity leave with pay or without pay?

  3. Asalam o Alikum.sir kahin sy katabcha (Booklet) mil skta hai ya apki website py mojood hai kia?
    jis main tamam catogories k rule tafseel sy btye gy hon i mean maternity leave and other leave.retirement rule and fixation ,promotion etc tamam clerical kam ka mufassal katabcha.plz reply me ALLAH APKO SEHAT DY.AMEEN

  4. ایک ٹیچر 2014 میں کٹریکٹ پہ بھرتی ہوئی اور اس نے 2015 میں ایک بار بر سالم تنخواہ میٹرنٹی لیو لی۔۔۔۔پانچ سال پورے ہونے پہ اس کو پرمانینٹ کرنے کی بجائے کنٹریکٹ مزید پانچ سال کیلئے بڑھا دیا گیا اور ٹیچر نے 2010 میں پھر میٹرنٹی لیو لی۔ دوسری بار ٹیچر کو میٹرنٹی لیو
    without pay
    ملے گی
    یا with pay?

  5. I want to ask
    1. What if female civil servant has Abortion? And she can not provide “Birth Certificate”
    2. If Civil Servant lady did not avail Pre Birth MT Leave and she wants to avail all 90 days after child birth? Is it possible?
    3. What if a lady teacher got a baby birth in summer vacations? Is she applicable to request for MT leave after summer vacations?
    4. After 3 Times, she will go on Without Pay Leave or Full Pay for Maternity Leave?
    5. Who can issue medical docket? School Headmistress or Higher Authority?

    1. Dear
      1- (Not confirm) But according to my knowledge it will be medical leave.
      2- After child birth maximum 45 leaves are allowed. If she availed 50 leaves prior to the birth of baby then she will only avail 40 leaves.
      3- During vacation it is not necessary. However if some leaves are to be covered in summer then she must give the Medical / Birth certificate. If 90 leaves during the vacation then no need.
      4- She will not without pay he leave will be deducted from leave account, however if there are no leaves in credit or less leaves then, on half leave or without pay.
      5- Medical docket can issue immediate boss.

  6. What if a government employee goes to a private hospital for her case??? Is the maternity leave certificate and birth certificate from private hospital acceptable? Once verbally informed about the child birth within seven days, what is the maximum time to produce birth certificate for post natal leave?


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