Opening of e-Transfer Round School Education Department (SED) 2023

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department issued a Notification on 08-05-2023 in connection with the Opening of the e-Transfer Round School Education Department (SED) 2023. The Department will receive the applications for transfer with effect from 25th May 2023 to 2nd June 2023. SED will issue the transfer orders on 20th June 2023. The details are as under:


Notification Opening of e-Transfer Round School Education Department (SED) 2023

The government of the Punjab school education department announces an E-Transfer Round for the actualization of the promotion of different categories of teachers who are waiting for postings. This is the best decision that the government made in order to facilitate all the teachers who are facing conveyance issues and some other issues. They can now apply for transfer/Postings in order to get posted in their nearby schools. According to the notification, all the teachers who got orders for performing election duties will perform their duties from their previous place of posting. Awaiting teachers and officers are also bound to make preferences otherwise they will post in the schools as per department needs.


Types of E-Transfer Options


The government open jobs coal education department circulate the notification to all chief executive district education authorities in Punjab regarding the opening of a transfer round for all the teachers and officers on the basis of the following options:


  1. Extreme Hardship Grounds
  2. Widows
  3. Wedlock Husband Wife Bases Transfer / Posting 
  4. Marriage
  5. Disability Grounds
  6. Medical Grounds
  7. Mutual Basis Transfer Posting
  8. General Grounds

Detail Summary About All Types Of E-Transfers 2023


As soon as the notification circulates All the Chief Executive Officers of District Education Authorities will have the responsibility to tag all promoted teachers on the School Information System (SIS) Application before the opening of the SIS Round.


Categories of Transfers Date to Apply for Transfers Verification Appeals Decision on Appeals By Review Committee Orders will be issued on
1.       Extreme Hardship Grounds

2.        Widows

3.        Wedlock

4.        Marriage

5.        Disability Grounds

6.        Medical Grounds

7.        Mutual Basis Transfer

8.        General Grounds















Director Monitoring Wing Is further directed to share the above schedule to lower formation as well as in social media groups on Facebook Book Twitter and Instagram in order to aware all the teachers with the following directions for strict compliance:


Teachers Are Bound To Perform Election Duty On Previous Place of Posting


The teachers deputed in election duties are bound to perform their election duties as per the duty that the Election Commission of Pakistan promoted.  These all teachers will perform their duties as per previous plays of postings. All concerned headteachers DDO and CEO are responsible to comply with directions for the same.  in case of non-compliance, the department will take disciplinary proceedings under the PEEDA Act 2006.


Making Maximum Preferences for Each Transfer


The department directs all teachers who got promotions and officers to choose maximum preferences for actualization or promotion on the SIS application. In case of failure, they will be posted and adjusted against those goals where there is a dire need for teachers is present.


E-Transfers For Waiting Posting Officers And Teachers


The department directs all the awaiting Posting Officers and Teachers to apply on SIS for their postings. In case of non-compliance, their intervening in a waiting period will be considered as leave of find due instead of any purpose. They are further directed to get themselves updated on the SIS Application from the officer of the undersigned.


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Opening of E transfer Round School Education Department (SED) 2023

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