Budget Calendar 2023-2024 and 15% to 35% Salary Increase News

As per the news published by Daily Jang Quetta dated 08-05-2023, Finance Division has issued the Budget Calendar 2023-2024 and there is a 15% to 35% Salary Increase News. Coordination Committee and National Economic Council will hold their meeting this week and coming week. Finance Division will make a grand summary of the complete Budget with detailed documents and allocation of finance. They will present it before Federal Cabinet.


The latest 15% to 35% Salary Increase News and Budget Calendar 2023-2024


Budget Calendar 2023-2024 and 15% to 35% Salary Increase News

There are expectations that the public-friendly Annual  Budget for 2023-2024. They may receive all demands they have made. The government is going to solve the financial problems of all communities. The public has raised the issue of Inflation. So keeping in view the increasing re of inflation we can expect that the government is going to provide relief in prices of basic life commodities.


Expected Increase of 15-35% in Salaries of Civil and Government Servants


Every Government and Civil servant is one of the most affected communities by inflation. All employees are facing financial crises. They are not able to fulfill all their expenses in low-income and due to record-breaking raising prices of every item.

But, It is expected that the government is planning to increase their monthly income by up to 15%-35 %. But government employees are asking for a 50% increase to 100%. They have more expenses but low income. They are asking to raise their medical and also increase conveyance allowances. There may b a chance that government will do this for the financial assistance of employees.


Accelerate Budget 2023-2024/Final Meeting and Discussing Agenda of Budget  2023-2024


Finance Minister Mr.Ishaq Daar acknowledged the financial Budget Calendar. On the Order of the Prime Minister, it completed the circle of it all related Divisions, Ministries, and Government Departments.

The finance division is working to make the final report of the Budget Calendar in order to present it to Prime Minister. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar will present this Summary. Furthermore, the Federal Board of Revenue will make the whole Bill of Finance 2023-2024.

Expenditures and Tax Schedule/Table will be completed by 31st Ma,2023. The cabinet will make the final acceptability of budget 2023-2024 on 10th June 2023 under the supervision of the Prime Minister. After this was Finance Minister will present it before National Assembly.

Final Report of all expenses till 30th June (previous 10-Months) will be presented. National Economic Council make surety about all developmental programs in 3rd week of May 2023. Prime Minister will lead this meeting of all heads of Government departments. The Ministry of Finance is working on the strategy Paper of the Budget Calendar 2023-26.


Demand Revenue Meeting Of Ministry of Finance


Last month Finance Minister made a speech at the Demand Revenue Meeting of Finance. He discussed all the main points regarding the budget. Finally, he will do Media  Press Conference on 11th June 2023. He will answer all questions of press reporters regarding the budget. He will make a final discussion with other members of the National Assembly/Opposition members. The speaker of the National Assembly will listen to the views of all opposition members regarding the budget. It is also expected they may make some important amendments to the budget. Every Political party is in favor of presenting a 100% Public friendly Budget.


There are different news shared by various newspapers during the previous few weeks. There is also a news regarding 50% salary increase in Budget 2023-24 for the employees. Nothing is yet final, all we can get the final news is the day of the announcement of the budget 2023-24. There are various dates and we can expect the final date on 8th/9th June 2023.




Pay Increase / Enhancement News Budget 2023-24



50% Salary, 30% Pension, and Minimum Wage Rates Rs. 40,000/-News Channels Report Dated 08-05-2023



Various news Channels broke the news on 8th May 2023 that there is a proposal for the following relief for Government employees and pensioners:


  • There is a proposal for a 50% enhancement in the salary of Government employees
  • 30% increase in pension proposal
  • Minimum salary of the labor per month i.e monthly wage rates of Rs. 40,000/-



New Channels News Updates of 50% Salary increase on 08-05-2023



However, the Prime Minister of Pakistan will finally approve the same. The PM may make some changes or may not do changes to the proposals.


Pension and Minimum Wage Rates Proposal






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