Intervening /Awaiting/ Disposal /Surrender Period Treated As leave of Kind Due

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department issued a Notification on 06-07-2023 in connection with Intervening /Awaiting/ Disposal /Surrender Period Treated As Leave of Kind Due. The details are as under:


Intervening /Awaiting/ Disposal /Surrender Period Treated As Leave of Kind Due

All the officers and teachers working in School Education Department who are ready for their promotions are directed to apply on SIS application for their adjustments or postings. The waiting period is considered as leave kind Due instead of Pay purpose. For that reason, they must update themselves on the SIS app from the officer of the undersigned.


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Adjustment or Postings of Awaiting Teachers/Officers


Director of monitoring Wing Government of Punjab school education department issues letter to District Education Authorities Punjab. The main subject of the letter is about intervening /awaiting /disposal surrender period treated as leave of kind due.

The competent authority took serious steps for all those teachers who are on awaiting posting disposal surrender at the school education department till 2nd June 2023. These teachers have not applied during the last E- transfer round 18. They are orders to apply on the system information system for further adjustment or posting to the other schools or educational institutions. The competent authority also provides them with clear directions for their adjustment through E transfer.


Considering Awaiting /Intervening or Posting Period as Leave of Kind Due


This intervening /awaiting /posting period of the teachers or officers is considered as the leave kind due instead of issuance of pay purpose orders. The consideration is with effect from 4th July 2023. The top priority is for the time periods beyond three months. Copy of the above letter is forwarded to all competent authorities to take necessary actions regarding awaiting posting officers and all teachers. All teachers and officers are directed to apply on sis application for their postings or adjustments in other schools as per vacant seats.

This is the last chance for the teachers and officers to apply on SAS for their adjustment or posting. Otherwise, the department or competent authority will post or adjust them according to the need of departments n different schools or institutions.


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Intervening Awaiting Disposal Surrender Period Treated As leave of Kind Due

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