Notification LDC BPS-09 to 11 and UDC BPS-11 to 13 NHSR&C

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Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination issued a Notification on 10-03-2023 in connection with LDC BPS-09 to 11 and UDC BPS-11 to 13 NHSR&C. The details are as under:

Office Order LDC BPS-09 to 11 and UDC BPS-11 to 13 NHSR&C


Ministry of Health Services upgrades the LDC and  UDC to the next higher pay scales as per Finance Division Notification. The department issues for Up-gradation of these employees.  Upper Division Clerks get Promotion from BS-11 to 13. Similarly,  Lower Division Clerks (LDC) get Promotion to BS-11. Here I share with you the names by details of the employees who get upgraded.

List of Lower Division Clerks and Upper Division Clerks Upgradation


The details regarding employees of the Ministry of Health Services who get Promotion to the next two higher levels are here:


Sr.No Name Designation


Upgraded pay Scale
1. Mr. Zawar Khan UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
2. Mr. Abdul Mateen UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
3. Mr. Tariq Saleem UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
4. Mr. Muhammad Adnan UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
5. Mr. Waqas Ahmed Khan UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
6. Mr. Muhammad Shabbir UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
7. Mr. M. Basharat UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
8. Mr. Naveed Fatima UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
9. Mr. M. Hassan UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
10. Mr. Zaheer Abbas Ghani UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
11. Mr. Abdul Salam UDC (BS-11) UDC (BS-13)
12. Mr. Ajmal Shah LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
13. Mr. Nadeem Khan LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
14. Mr. M. Ayaz Hasnain Chishti LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
15. Mr. Imran Shahid LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
16. Mr. Naveed Akhtar LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
17. Mr. Abdul Waheed LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
18 Mr. M. Javad Shabbir LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
19. Mr. Azhar Ali Channa LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
20. Mr. Aftab Ahmed Shah LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
21. Mr. Muhammad Umair LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
22. Mr.  Bilal Hassan LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
23. Mr. Muhammad Qasim LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
24. Mr. Rafiullah LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
25. Mr. M. Zeeshan Mubarak LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
26. Mr. Ansar u Rehman LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
27. Mr. Mehboob Buriro LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
28. Mr. Muhammad Irfan LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
29. Mr. Muhammad Hussain LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
30. Mr. Shoail Anwar LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)
31. Ms. Shumalia Kausar LDC (BS-09) LDC (BS-11)

Before this Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs issued the Notification of Upgradation LDC BPS-11 and UDC BPS-13 on 9th March 2023. Now the MNHSR&C issued office orders for their staff.


Notification LDC BPS-09 to 11 and UDC BPS-11 to 13 NHSR&C


Notification LDC BPS-09 to 11 and UDC BPS-11 to 13 NHSRC

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