Tree Plantation Spring 2023 Punjab Government Forest Department

Under Tree Plantation Spring 2023 Punjab Government, and Forest Department get a plant for just two rupees. To promote the “save plants, Save Planet” motto. Pakistan’s Government starts to grow more Plants movement.


Forest Department Punjab Tree Plantation Spring 2023


With no Plastic and Go green in Pakistan, the Government of Punjab is providing an opportunity to buy Plants from Plant nurseries at cheap rates. People can buy not only for their homes, but for schools, offices, and streets. Because of this Government of Pakistan and the forest department seeks the participation of citizens to grow more plants. This will help to improve civic amenities and create a spirit of growing habitats. For the year 2023, Government takes action to grow more plants and make pollution less.


“More Plants, More hope”, Campaign,2023

Forest Department Is working under the Ministry of plantation and forestation. This department is helping to grow more plants to save nature and Planet. Government Nurseries provide less costly plants at cheap rates. For growing more plants Government makes a decision about providing 10 plants to each student in school and college. Educational institutions can get 10 plants for each student from Government Nurseries


2 Rupee plant, Promote shajr kaari


Plants are the saviors of the earth. The ecosystem of the whole Earth depends upon plants. For this purpose Finland is most important .as it provides 10 trees for each human being on Earth. Spring is the season of Growing flowering and non-flowering plants .spring is the season of Flowers. Plants shed their old leaves and grow new ones. To create a human-friendly environment, Government takes action to introduce the cheapest shajr kaari Movement.


Save Plants, Save Planet Campaign,2023


Plants support more life than any other native tree. It provides a habitat for hundreds of insects and food for birds and mammals such as deer and badgers. It supports fungi, lichens, and even bats. Bat species will roost in old woodpecker holes or under loose bark and then feed on the insects in the tree canopy. Native wildlife depends on native plant and tree species like the English oak – without them, they wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves.


Importance of plants


Any green space has the capability of reducing air pollution. Woodland planted in the right areas near urban and industrial environments would be particularly effective due to the increase in the surface area able to absorb the pollutants. Plants and trees are incredibly important for maintaining good soil conditions. Their roots and the microorganisms that live around their roots hold the soil together, reducing the likelihood of soil erosion. When leaves fall from the trees and when plants die, they decompose, fertilizing the soil and enabling other plants to grow and thrive.


Forest Department steps to promote Shajar Kaari, 2023


For the Creation of new forest resources, and grow more greenery Forest department starts campaigns to make Pakistan’s environment healthy and safe. Educating all departments and people of Pakistan for planting more trees. As trees provide more benefits to our everyday lives .they filter clean air, provide fresh drinking water, help curb climate, and create homes for thousands of species of animals and birds. People can get each plant for only Rs.2. “ save plants, save the planet”.


Before this Punjab Govt School Education Department issued the Notification of the celebration of Jashn e Baharan and Cultural day 2023.



Get a Plant in Two Rupees Tree Plantation Spring 2023

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