Online Data Entry of Non-Teaching Posts on HRMIS

The Government of Punjab’s school education department issued the latest notification dated on 18th May 2023 to all the competent authorities regarding Online Data Entry of Non-Teaching Posts on the HRMIS system. The Main subject of the notification is the data entry of service matters of all Non-Teaching Posts.


Ministerial As Well As Supervisory/Administrative Posts Online Data Entry of Non-Teaching Posts on HRMIS


With reference to the subject cited above and to state that the Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) For online management of all the matters of human resources pertaining to the School Education Department department developed.


Online processing of Service Matters of Teaching Staff


It is pertinent to mention here that service matters of all the Teaching staff, the department is already processing. The Department also handles HR MIS and will applications in service matters, which the department will not entertain in the near future.

Previously Solving all the service matters of non-teaching posts requires a lot of documentary process and paperwork. In order to make the system clear and easy access to the data any post-Government of Punjab issues a notification to enter the data online of all the non-teaching posts. The most important point of this is that any officer can check his data online through his own login ID on HRMIS.


 The First Phase of Data Entry on HRMIS


It is further stated that competent authority has desired to extend the benefits of the HRMIS online data entry system. It is for non-teaching staff service matters.  for this purpose, it is also decided that in the first phase of data entry priority will be given to the following Posts/bodies:


  1. Non-Teaching Ministerial
  2. Supervisory
  3. Administrative Post Office Administrative Department
  4. Autonomous Authorities
  5. Autonomous Bodies
  6. Projects
  7. PMUs
  8. Field Officers
  9. Special Institutions
  10. Schools


As a priority, the data of the above bodies the employees will enter in the first data phase.


Data Entry of Only Sanctioned Posts


Additional General Secretary directed to request to enter the data of only above sanctioned posts also including non-teaching ministerial as well as supervisory and administrative posts.   All employees are regular or contract post-sanctioned on the basic scale or lump sum pay package (MP) scale of the relevant school or office.  It may already reflect in the respective budget book/Audit Copy/SNE on HRMIS.


Contacting the Technical Support Team of SED


The additional general secretary also requested to contact the Technical Support team of the school education department in case of any need for help and support in the entry of requisite data.

In case of any unsolved problem or not receiving a reply E-Mail Competent authorities are free to call on universal access number 042-99019000.


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Online Data Entry of Non-Teaching Posts on HRMIS


Notification of Online Data Entry of Non-Teaching Posts on HRMIS

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