A Govt Employee Must Always Apply for Jobs Through Proper Channel

A Government Servant must always apply through proper channel for another job. It is very important for a Govt Servant. If he/she does not do so then he/she will have to repent on it in future when he/she will have to face the loss of previous service. If an employee doesn't apply for a job through proper channel his previous service is not counted and neither is he entitled to pay protection. In this way he/she not only loses his/her previous service but also he/she will not be able to protect his previous pay. If he/she is drawing some Adhoc Relief Allowances, he/she will also lose the benefit of these allowances. He/she will only draw his fresh pay and allowances in this situation.

I have seen that many employees did not know the reality of “Applying through Proper Channel”, they applied directly for a new job and in this way their previous pay and allowances were not counted. In the same way they also could not able to count their previous service. An employee of Punjab Department did not apply through proper channel and his previous service about 5 years was not counted and thus also his pay was not protected.

Here is an other important point that when ever you relieve from your previous department to join new one, always get your LPC, Relieving Report and also the Service Book duly countersigned by the concerned CMA/Accounts Office.


Don't Forget:  Rulings for Resignation from Service




  1. Umair abro says:

    AoA Respected Madam,
    I m a govt servant working as a clerk Bps-11 in judicial department, in the court of sessions judge, as i applied through proper channel for the post of Inspector anticorruption as i have qualified the written test.the requirement for the post i applied was llb and two years working experience with senior advocate. But being a govt servant i have llb and six year service experience.and they rejected my candidature due to experience issue.
    as also applied for the post of civil judge bps18 and the requirement for cj was also llb and two years working experience as a advocate but judicial staff service was considered as an advocate experience.kindly suggest me any authority or law regarding comparison of judicial experience with advocay experience.I shall be grateful.

  2. Farid Ahmad says:

    Sir I worked in population welfare department on regular bases for 10 years in BS 05 , letter I applied through proper channel for a post of BS14 on contract basis , selected and joined new post after reweaving properly. After 5 years the service of BS 14 was regularised , now i am working on regular basis in BS14, Sir, my pay is protected or not and shall the contract period count for pension.

  3. Omer says:

    Assalama Alykum: Kindly guide me, as i am serving in BPS-14 and want to apply to lower post in BPS-09. I know i can not get through proper channel to lower scale post.
    But i want to know whether to mention my current post in application form, as i feel selection committee will give me preference due to having experience in public sector, please.

  4. ali ahmad says:

    dear admin.
    please guide me i am working in zarai taraqiati bank limited.m not confirm about it either it is pvt semi govt or govt.as it has its independent board of directors,and vehicals used in bank are of FG.
    so kindly tell me about it.and if i want to apply for another job what is procedure to apply through proper channel.as our deppt mostly responds very late to applications and i am worry about that in this time i may miss the laste date of application for new job

  5. Sijh Sijh says:

    Dear Mam
    I am government employee at bps 16. Now I want to apply for a job at bps 14. Can I apply for the same through proper channel?

  6. darshan lal says:

    im currently working as a primary school teacher(BPS09) under sindh govt. i applied through proper channel for the post of elementary school teacher (BPS14) in federal govt..now im announced as a selected candidate.not sure about the future benefits of the EST post..whereas, in this year im about to complete my 7 years of service and after two more years i'll be awarded BPS12 through timing scale policy..now confused what to do..need suggestions..

  7. sajid khan says:

    Dear madam i am sajid khan from kpk i have been appointed as PST teacher on april 2017, now in this december 2017 i am regularized .But my school is very far away from my home and now others posts of PST teachers have been announced and there is a school near to me for PST but this is adhoc based job. So can i apply from PST to same PST through proper channel in the same department. And can i apply from permanent job to adhoc job through proper channel. What will be the case and if these adhoc services is terminated, then can i go back to my previous PST JOB which is permanent.
    I will be waiting for you kind and early reply please.

  8. Mansoor Ali says:

    Respected Madam Can i apply For NOC through proper channal for same pay scale as in paren deptt ?

  9. MANSOOR ALI says:

    Assalam o Alaikum madam Can I apply Through proper channal for The same Pay Scale as i m Serving in parent deptt .? Regards

  10. Azhar says:

    Mein noc lia ab relieving aur service role ni mil raha

  11. naveed akhtar says:

    Sir I was doing service in airports security force and through NOc join Punjab education department on contract basis my service was in previous department 10 years sir my service are doing count in education department please help me

  12. Jharna says:

    Sir give me an rule to go back to my parent department after 5 years??? I came throug proper channel by getting relived from parent deptt. Though i have also confirmed in new deptt.

  13. ataurrahman says:

    Asslamoalikum, miss plz tell me that i was recruited as ese in bps09 in schools education department in 2012.in 2015 government regularized me as Pst in bps09.i got my salary of cntract employees till now.an i didn't regularize my salary due to financial problems.
    Now in August 2017 i have been selected as sese Arabic again on contract.i applied on this post through proper channel.
    Is it necessary for me to submit my recoveryof regular period for my last service benefits?
    Would my last contract /regular service counted

  14. wasie says:

    my question is :
    can a provincial govt permanent job employee join any other federal institution on contract basis for a part time temporary post?

  15. shani says:

    Assalam o Alikum

    dear i am woriking in a govt department on permanent basis and i have applied for a job in atomic energy but i am unable to apply through proper channel now i am selected in atomic and they r demanding noc so how i can get noc at his stage.my department says now we can not proceed your noc because the date of application is expired and rule for noc is to apply before closing date.
    now what can i do.any rule for getting noc

  16. Ahmad Zeeshan says:

    I applied for 2 posts through proper channel after getting proper NOC. I selected for the first post and joined after getting relieving from parent Department. Later on, was selected for the second post on announcement of result. Now what should I do to join next post?

  17. Ahmad Zeeshan says:

    I applied for two posts through proper channel after getting NOC. On appointment on first post, I got relieving letter and joins the new department. Later on, I was selected for the second post having higher payscale on announcement of result. Now how should I join the next post as the department is asking for rules. What should I do now?

  18. Nadeem ansar says:

    Miss in accordance with which rule an employee can apply for passport NOC....i need references of that particular act....for federal govt employees...

  19. Talha says:

    Do the contract employees have to apply through proper channel or not ?

  20. rashid says:

    can any one apply through proper channel federal govt to provensional govt
    i have been completed my 15 years service and now i want to retirement . how can i do this

  21. Amjad says:

    Kindly send me format /application for applying through proper channel plz

  22. Khanan Khan says:

    please any one who clerify me that i am enlisted as class 4 in federal govt on 05-07-2010 and later on i was appointed as a junior clerk in same department on 13-04-2015 now till me my previous service will be full counted or half...and my prevoous service help me for retiring pension? Thanks

    • Khawar says:

      Miss shumsila is it necessary to produce old service book to new deptt or u csn use new service book ?
      In case one does not want to avail previous pay benefits.
      Lpc is not enough for this??
      Plz mussssst reply.

  23. wahid ali says:

    Kindly guide me, nts demand Noc for government serve the and I'm in probation period.my probation will over after 3 month later. I have to apply for that post but haven't NOC. Will they can take Noc from me in interview?
    Or it is correct to give the information about previous government job and not attached the noc ?
    Or I should have to hide my current job?
    Plz guide me

  24. Abid Hussain says:

    AoA, I applied through proper channel and appointed on the same scale and same post. I want to know about seniority. Either my previous service will matter on seniority in new department or not.

    • Rizwan Ul Hassan says:

      I think NOC is issued once you apply for the higher post than your current post. I don't know how your department has issued NOC to you for the same scale post.

  25. Ali says:

    Dear Madam,

    I was working in lower scale post in Sindh Government for one and a half year. Latar on I applied through proper channel for higher scale post in same department. The offer letter issued to all the candidates on dated 03-01-2013. Madam I accepted/joined the offer letter on 04-01-2013 before all new candidates. Than we were issued the posting order in different dates.
    Please tell me on making of Seniority List which date should be consider.I mean the date of offer acceptance/joining date OR posting order joining date..

  26. iffi says:

    Currently I’m serving in prisons department. Can you please give me sample of General NOC as I want to apply in many department along with General NOC….

  27. akki says:

    Dear sir,
    I was in a psu for last 7 months thereafter i applied in another psu without noc .i got selected and resigned from previous psu with releiving letter. Can this create problem for me on joining new psu.

  28. akki says:

    Dear Sir,
    I was on probation in a psu for 8 months therafter i applied to another psu without NOC hiding my current employment.I got selected and resigned from previous psu also got a relieving letter.Can this create a problem for me on joining the new PSU

  29. avais says:

    dear madam,i am a PST teacher in Sindh govt,and I have received new job of bps;16 through spsc,but I have not applied through proper channel,what are the losses in bps 16 job b/c not applied proper channel.
    what does mean by no pay protection?

  30. khawar says:

    Miss shumaila i have joined new fedral govt dept without getting relieve from previous govt deptt.
    I just resigned 2 days before joining newone but till now previous deptt did not accept my resign now what i should do?

  31. khurram shah says:

    Dear Madam, A.O.A

    Meri five years service hay UDC Communication Department main. aur main ministry of Defense department main higher scale main select ho gaya hn.main ne Through proper channel apply nhi kya tha kyn k EiD holidays thi. but resignation k time main ne NOC k liye apply kya .aur same date 25-01-16 main parent department resign kr k new department join kr liya .aur mere parent department ne NOC ki ek copy mujy aur new department ko bej di ab mere new department ne parent department ko NOC ke reference main ek letter likha k "it is therefore requested to apprise this office about the policy under such circumstance to consider his case for counting of his previous service".

    kya is rule k mutabiq meri service count ho sakti hy ." resignation of an appointment to take up another appointment, service in which counts, is not a resignation of the public service" (Art417-A CSR)

  32. Muhammad Naseem says:

    Please tell me the rules that a person or authority can provide the NOC.

  33. nadeem says:

    madam my Q is that i need full info about LDC to its higher last post with pay scale nd salary In MES pak nd plzzz also send me a suitable site from which i conformed all info regarding MES posts etc plxzxx reply as soon as posible thruogh email nd also cmnt here thnnnnnnxxxx alote

  34. Saima says:

    I worked in an FG department for two years in BPS-14.Then I applied through proper channel in another department of FG for BPS-17 and got selected.I was relived from my parent department on 04.07.2014.However,5th and 6th July were closed holidays being Saturday and Sunday,so I joined my new department on 07.07.2014.Hence there is two days gap between my relieving and joining.My question is,if its OK and my service will be considered continuous or is there something I must do to prevent difficulties later?

  35. Neetu Singh says:

    I am working as chargeman(Mechanical) at ordnance factory,jabalpur since 2011.I tried a lot to get transferred to my hometown dehradun but didn't get any help so now i want to apply for the fresh posts of 2014 chargeman vacancies but i can't submit noc,can i apply withot notice and furnish my resignation when i get selected in the fresh batch.what losses ill have to face.

    It would be a great help if anyone could answer to this question.

  36. Sayyad says:

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    1. I served in Army Welfare Trust for 14+ years. The service was of regular type (initially they mentioned in appointment that the post is likely to continue for 5 years but later they withdrawn this sentence) and subject to other terms and conditions it was supposed to continue till superannuation age i.e. 60 years.
    2. I applied on a FG permanent post in FPSC in 2007 through proper channel and was selected and joined in 2010. Before joining I clearly requested the new Department, FPSC and the Establishment Division regarding counting of my previous service and pay benefits and clarified that AWT is an autonomous body under GHQ and its Board of Directors comprised serving officers as well. AWT is registered since 1971 under the societies registration Act 1860 for the welfare of ex-servicemen and families of shaheeds of Pakistan Army.
    3. Now my present department has asked me three questions:-
    a. Provide a documentary proof that AWT is an autonomous body.
    b. Whether AWT is funded through General Revenues?...
    c. Whether previous service will be counted as service in Present Department?
    My possible replies are:-
    a. i) AWT's link with Pak Army website and AWT's own Website ii) Selection Board Proceedings iii) Service Confirmation from Board of Director's resolution. I am unable to collect GHQ document creating the AWT in 1971...
    b. AWT was funded from GP Fund of Army Men in 1971 and then onward it is fund generating organization for GHQ and GHQ also supports through LAND, Business etc but all these can not be proved being RESTRICTED documents.
    4. Since 2010, I am pursuing pay protection and service inclusion case but could not succeeded it. Plz guide me how can I proceed...

    • Dear Sayyad, you can apply to your previous department for the verification of the same and u can also do this through proper channel. I hope they will verify it. Thanks

  37. Mahmood says:

    Main Pakistan Steel Mills main kam krta houn and Hum pr Labour Laws laago hotey hain, Ab main Gov Of Pakistan main aik job k liye apply krna chata houn but mujhay NOC chaiye, kIya koi aisa law hai jis ki base pr main NOC k liye apply kr sakoun....ya us law ko apni NOC application main mention kr sakoun..takey NOC araam se mil jaye.

  38. Ramesh says:

    dear sir my office is saying that i can not aply through proper chanel and not issue me noc on less pay scal in railway. now runing my probasnal period and my basic pay scal is 12460 but i want to aply in railway i know there is less pay scal but i want to aply there plz plz tell me sir what i do in this problam. thank you sir

  39. Ahsan says:

    Dear Shumaila,

    Thank you for posting this valuable information. I am working in a Federal Govt. Department on pay scale of BS-17 and I want to apply through proper channel in another FG department on same pay scale but my department is saying that I can not apply through proper channel on same pay scale therefore they are not forwarding my application. They are also not providing me any copy of the rule. Do you know if any rule is available which prevents me to apply for the job of same pay scale?


    • Dear Ahsan I have also heard the same but I have also not the copy of the same Thanks

    • Zafar says:

      this rule applies only to CSS candidates where they can't apply in the same scale to a lower or same service group. however unfortunately our baabu culture is quoting this rule in other departments which is by no means relevant. threat them of going to court and I hope y will oblige.

  40. Ramesh says:

    but sir our company not give NOC to anyone this is not our company policy. dear sir tell me may i can apply without NOC.

    • Dear Ramesh, you can confirm the same from your office but if you apply without NOC then u ll have to bear the loss of previous service and pay protection especially if you have much service.

  41. Ramesh says:

    Dear sir i doing peramanet job in PSU company but i want to do railway job but my company not give NOC Pls sir tell me what i do.

    • Dear Ramesh, you should get NOC from your concerned department. You should request them to issue the same. Otherwise if your service is less than u can apply direct but in this way you will not get the benefits of the previous service. Thanks

    • Zafar says:

      if you are applying through FPSC then send them a copy of your NOC application. they will deal with them.

  42. UBEDULLAH says:

    how many time can government employee apply through proper channel in government jobs?

  43. Hussain Ali says:

    AoA! Dear Miss Shumaila! Can you provide me any precedence of pay fixation from SPS to BPS... I shall be highly grateful...

  44. Hussain Ali says:

    AoA! Dear Miss Shumaila.... I have joined a BPS based department from a SPS based organization. Can you provide me any precedence of pay fixation from SPS to BPS, please.

    • Dear Hussain, it is so simple. If your previous service and pay is protected. Then you can fix ur pay to next above and also add 1 premature increment. Suppose you were drawing 10,000/- basic pay in SPS. just see the same pay in your concerned BPS and there is no 10,000/- then take the next above plus 1 premature increment if the same pay 10,000/- exists in BPS then add 2 increments. Thanks

      • Hussain Ali says:

        I am thankful to your response but I require a case precedence regarding pay fixation from SPS to BPS.... AGPR is not protecting my pay and I need a precedence to contest my case in Finance Division.....

  45. Zahoor Khan says:

    Dear Shumaila AOA

    Ab me apni NADRA ki service kase count ho gi...

  46. hina says:

    i m working as a teacher in scale 9 i want to apply for 14 scale what is the procedure to apply through proper channel and know i m permanent after getting new job what will be my job status contract or permanent?

  47. Zahoor Khan says:

    Dear Shumaila Kamal AOA

    Mera sawal hy me phaly NADRA me as Data Entry Operator tha liken me ne Board of Intermediate, Gujranwala me as LDC join kiya hy. Me ne through proper channel apply nai kiya, meri NADRA ki service count kis tahra ho gi?

  48. M Sadiq Sial says:

    Article 418(b) of CSR protect the person who can not apply through proper channel "Resignation from a service to take up an other public service,service in which count is not resignation from service" he will mention in his resign about new post. If there is break of service due to late joing leave can be conciser as EOL by the authority

  49. Dawn of Peace says:

    Dear Madam!

    Asslam o Alaikum!

    Thanks for your useful tips.

    1. I joined Education & Literacy Department (Govt of Sindh) as a Junior School Teacher BPS-14 (3 Years Contract) on 13-01-2010, after passing recruitment test conducted by Sindh University Testing Centre. Meanwhile, I applied for the post of High School Teacher last year. I mentioned my present job in my application form. I also tried to apply "through proper channel" after getting my application forwarded by my head master but D.O.E office clerical staff told me to apply after passing the recruitment test (NTS) and getting posting order. NTS conducted the test on 23.12.2012 and I passed it. Now I have got my HST Offer Letter on 12.10.2013. I had submitted my file with Police Verification and Medical Fitness Certificate for further process and now waiting for the Posting Order.
    2. Our 3 years contract period has been completed on 12.01.2013. We have not been regularized by the department while Sindh Assembly had already passed the bill on this matter and governer of sindh issued notification. We are getting our salaries regularly with all the allowances and annual increments but not being given the 15% Adhoc Relief Allowance announced in the Budget of 2013 (by the district accounts officer, reason being contract employee).
    Please suggest me
    1. What to do now to apply "Through Proper Channel"?
    2. My previous service will be counted while I have completed my 3 years contract period?
    3. Is there any "Rule" that 15% Adhoc Relief Allowance announced in the Budget of 2013, is not applicable to contract employees?

    Thanking youvery much in anticipation!

    Dawn ofPeace


    • Dear Dawn of Peace, Your previous service will be counted if you applied through proper channel and 15% ARA is for all the employees including contract employees. I know there is no mention in the Notification of the contract employees. But u must be given the same as there is written all the employees and in other provinces it is also granted.

  50. jahangir says:

    A.O.A, A government employee working in Auditor General department having a allowance admissible to G.E applied Through Proper channel to higher Grade in Govermnent attach department where said allowance is not admissible to employees will he be able to continue to draw said allowance whereas, other employees in dept. are not getting it.

  51. Shah says:

    I am a government employee in a general insurance company. I am on probation period till 17th Dec 2013. Also there is a bond for 4 years duration. I wish to apply for RBI B grade exam. What should be the proper procedure for applying for it? In case of selection, will I be able to get my bond transferred to RBI and how should I go about getting and NOC for appearing in the interview if I reach that stage? Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Shah I am not aware of the rulings for the same. But if you apply through proper channel ur previous service and pay will be protected.

    • jahangir says:

      ur Bond can not be transferred to other department further u should have applied through properly and ur department would have forwarded ur application with NOC but now u can apply through proper channel by mentioning that u have already (in advance) applied.

  52. Zafar says:


    Please tell me if I can apply in the same scale in another govt organization through proper channel, as I am a permanent employee.
    Secondly, if I get a chance to join in private sector then how should I resign from the current job?

    • Dear Zafar, you cannot apply through proper channel for the same scale job. If you want to resign then submit your application/resignation for a period of 15 days notice and it will be approved in about 15 days.

  53. Jehanzeb Shah says:

    Dear Madam
    I was working as LDC (BPS-7) in MOH since 06/2004. In Marach 2011 i was appointed as Assistant in BPS-14 (Through proper channel). My Basic Pay in LPC was Rs.4480 while initil pay in BPS-14 was 4920. My salary was fixed in initial stage and no premature increment was grant to me. As a result i got no benefit of my previous service. my salary is equal to the new appointee despite of 7 years serive.
    my question is that Am i eigible for premature increment or not.

    2nd question is that i was kept at the bottom of seniority list becasue i joined in the last as my precous department relieved me later. and those fresh who had not applied through proper channel, joined on the next day of their appointment and i want not able to join on the next day because of not been relieved by my previous deptt. so not got any benfit of previous service. and thus junior got seniority.

    my 3rd question is that in the light of Finance Divsion Notification dated 31.05.2013; how am i eligible for the premature increment in BPS-7 or BPS-14

    thanking you in anticipation


    Jehan zeb Sahah
    Assistant (HEC)

    • Dear just see these calculations: 4920-4480= 440/- the increment of BPS-14 at that time was Rs. 380/- as the difference of these two pays is more than the increment of BPS-14 that is why u r not eligible for premature increment.
      Dear it is ur bad luck that ur department relieved u later and the fresh employees joined earlier than u and they became senior than u.
      in 2004 LDC was in BPS-05 not in BPS-7 plz explain it.

  54. vaibhav chauhan says:

    i am working in Institute of Hotel Managment on cantractual basis if there is vacancy in my college and i want to apply for that post waht will be the proper channel

  55. Sarmad says:

    Dear i am a government employee of bps7, i have applied for a job of bps14 but not through proper channel, will they be able to know that i am already employed? if so, what will be the consequences? i will be rejected or given preference?

    • Dear Sarmad they will consider your application on merit. You can get the new jobs. But ur previous service will not be considered and ur previous pay will not be protected. Your pay will be fixed at the initial stage.

  56. Abhay says:

    Dear sir,

    i am working in Central government on Contract basis. i want to apply for permanent job.
    there is a condition apply thorough proper channel. i want to know about if i don't applied job through proper channel my application is rejected or not. they get DD for Rs 1000.

    The last date of application submitted is 29 April 2013. what the time taken to submission application through proper channel.

    Thanking you for your help...

    • Dear Abhay, I advise you to apply through proper channle even u r at contract basis. May be in future this contract period be regularized and u ll get the benefit of it.

      • abhay says:

        Dear sir,

        I am in project. My head ask me, my government has no criteria apply through proper channel for project people. this is for permanent people only. Then what should i do...

  57. Basharat says:

    if authority did not give us the Service book with ACR then what we will do? please guide us because we are suffering in this situation.


  58. natasha says:

    aoa i am working in international islamic university islamabad in bps 17 since september 2009, and i applied in same university with my application forwarded through dean, is it thru proper channel? or whats procedure?

  59. Avinash says:

    how many times a central govt. employee apply through proper channel in calender year
    if answer is 4 times

    Toh reserve category employee kitni baar apply kar sakte hai

  60. Hussain Khan says:

    Dear Shumaila

    I have been serving a Federal Department of Pakistan in BPS 16 for 5 years, my basic pay there is 14000 (including 5 increments). Now I am selected in KPK in BPS17. The question is what will be my starting pay. Basic pay of BPS 17 is 16000. Do I get any pay protection?

    My Gross pay in previous department was 52000 aprox.
    Kindly reply through Email.

    • jahangir says:

      if u have applied through proper channel ur pay will be protected but unfortunately u will not be able earn premature increment ur pay will be fixed on intial Rs.16000 and do not know the department and pay structure where u have been selected but ur pay will far less than Rs.52000


    I have joined MES(Central Govt Deptt.) as Draughtsman in Dec 2008 and now in 2012 I have applied through proper channel in Punjab Govt.(PWD) as Junior Engineer and selected. Please tell me sir I took any additional benefit from pervious service. can I continued same Pran no/Account no (New Pension scheme) in state Govt. Deptt.

  62. Ravi Ranjan Singh says:

    I am a Central Government Employee working as technical assistant in The GP 2000. In my organisation they are turning down my application for higher posts in other departments employment stating that employee has to complete minimum 2 years period and then also they will forward only one application per year through proper channel.
    what I have to do in this regard. How can I get rid of this problem?will i hide my application for other higher post and after selection i resigned technical assistant post. is hiding or last job creat some problem for new job.Is my PRAN no creat some problem for my new fresh job plzz help me.

    Ravi Ranjan singh

  63. Rajesh Sarkar says:

    I am now in govt service in a gazzated post, Can I apply for another gazzated post as a fresher. There is no problem if my previous service is not counted as I was here only 1 year. Is there any legal problem if I show I am fresher in the application form. Further if I get the job and ask for resignation in the present organisation and join there, during verification will there be any problem at that time because of hiding that.

  64. balwinder singh says:

    sir,if i am change my present central government job to higher grade in state government by apply through proper channel ,please tell me what is my seniority ? old date when me join central govt. or new.

  65. Hussain says:


    I am presently serving in WAPDA at BPS-17. My service is 6 years. I have applied through proper channel in Ministry of Defence at BPS-17 Post. please clarify my following queries:
    1. I have been given by my present department 4 advance increments on account of passing MBA. Would i be adjusted at 10th stage in next department as i am already at 10th stage of scale?
    2. The special Allowance is given by WAPDA to all officers is to the tune of Rs. 10,000/- per month. Would it be offered by next department ?


    • Dear some allowances are eligible only certain departments. If there is no policy of the same allowance in the other department, the other department will not give u that allowance.
      Your pay will be fixed at the next stage of ur present pay.

  66. farukh Memon says:

    sorry dear shumaila i didn't get the procedure for applying through proper channel, i dont know what to write in advance copy i men it will a simple application or what ? Could u plz tell m some example how to write an advance copy, and one thing also i m working D.O office den shouild i write an application to d.o ? What should i write in that application ? Plz help me

  67. farukh Memon says:

    wht is the procedure of applying through proper channel ? Or agar mene kisi job me apply krty waqt through proper chanel aply nh kr saka to kia test yaa interw ke waqt apply kr skta hu through proper channel ?

    • Dear if ur office agrees u can send ur application through proper channel if there is no much laps of time.
      The procedure of applying through proper channel is that 1st u send a advance copy to the concerned department where to apply for job and in the same time you send your application for job through your office/department. It is better u attached the copy of the covering letter to the application that r u sending in advance. If there is concern NOC then it too send through ur office.

  68. farukh Memon says:

    agar meri service 16 grade me 5 sal ho wid 5 increments or me through proper chanel apply krun for 17 grde or agar mjhe 17 m job mil jaye, to 17 ki pay me meri 16 grde wali increments kis tarah count hogi means any formula ?

    • suppose ur pay is 22000 and u join in BPS 17 then ur pay will be fixed by considering ur pay 22000. Your pay will not be less than 22000 and u ll alsl get premature increment. if u not apply through proper channel then ur pay will be the initial of BPS-17

  69. romancenstyle says:

    he might be a lumpsum contract employee

  70. romancenstyle says:

    will some one tell me about contract employees..can the apply through proper channel

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