Appointment under Rule 17-A in the Department Instead of District-Decision of the Punjab Mohtsib

The Punjab Mohtsib has issued orders on 14-02-2014 in connection with Appointment under Rule 17-A in the Department Instead of District. The detail of the case is as under:

Mrs. Ambar Rehman complained in the Mohtsib that her mother was a teacher and retired on Medical Grounds. She applied for the job under Rule 17-A to the EDO Muzaffar Garh on 31-07-2013 but still no action on the application. The report of the agency says that her mother retired from Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Abdul Hakim, so she must demand her right from the EDO Khanewal instead of Muzaffar Garh.

The complainant in her reply stated that in the Notification No. SOR-III(S&GAD)2-10/2006 dated 26th January 2008 para No.1, it is written that the children of the deceased or invalid for further service be given the job in department instead of any particular district under Rule 17-A. The complainant stated that her domicile is of the District Muzaffar Garh and she is also married in the district Muzaffar Garh. That is why she wants to get her right from the EDO Muzaffar Garh.

In Rule 17-A there is no written that the children of the deceased or invalid for further service employees will get the job at that place where they were employed. The children of these employees can get job at any place. The representative of the EDO Muzaffar Garh had also the same demand that it can be sure that the complainant has not got job in Khanewal. It has been clarified from the report of the EDO Khanewal that no children of the said employee has got job in Khanewal.

It is therefore instructed to the EDO Muzaffar Garh, that the complainant be appointed as Junior Clerk on the basis of her qualification and if she did not pass the tying test, she may be offered the job of Class-IV and be informed the forum under the rules.  This post has been delivered by Mr.  AZAZ UR RAHMAN KHAN. 


Mohtsib Rule 17-A



17-A Rule Mohtsib





  1. Shahid Mohammad says:

    Either a Govt. servant dies before completing 10 years of his service his son/daughter can apply for the appointment under rule 17-A

  2. kanwar xeeshan says:


  3. m usman says:

    Mam sawal ka jawab de please

  4. kashif says:

    Aoa meri walda bps 13 me medical base PR retired hoien me education dept me 22-12-2012 ko lab attendant appoint bps 01C-IV me 3 year contract base pr hova Hn jab k meri qualification B.A he jo us Wakt bhi thi mujhe yeh hi Kha gya tha k yeh hi post mile gi but me junior clerk k lye apply chahta that or ab bhi chahta Hn me kya kron please help me

  5. Faisal Masood says:

    EDO (Edu.) Muzaffar Garrah should have confirm this fact from EDO (Edu.) Khanewal well before the complainant go to Ombudsman. My case for appointment as Junior Clerk under the rule 17-A was also not processed in time by EDO (Edu.) Toba Tek Singh. Due to this, i had to go to Punjab Ombudsman. Secondly, Education department representatives always come with stupid logics in front of the Ombudsman. Anyhow, best wishes for the bereaved party as ultimately they got their right. My best wishes.


    Faisal Masood
    Pakistan Embassy

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