Benefit of Increase on Surrender Portion of Pension after 01-12-2001

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued Notification No. F.5(2)-Reg.6/2015-1210 dated 09-02-2016 in connection with Benefit of Increase on Surrender Portion of Pension after 01-12-2001.

According to this Notification, I am directed to refer to the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues Islamabad letter dated 18th August 2015 and 26th Oct 2015 on the subject and to state that it has been decided to allow the benefit of periodical increases on surrendered portion of commuted portion of pension after restoration, to those pensioners who retired on or after 01-12-2001 in accordance with Finance Division’s Notification No. 13(13)-Reg.6/2011 dated 21-01-2013 and 11-03-2013.


Surrender Portion of Pension



  1. muhammad rizwan says:

    whether commuted portion of pension can be restored after attaining the age of 72 years or the same is still restorable after attaining the age of 75 years. Latest notification on the issue is required.

  2. Ashfaq Ahmad says:

    Date of Birth ; 15-02-1964
    Date of Enromt ; 31-07-1984 (In PAF Uniform person)
    Date of Retire ; 03-06-2003
    Sir, please tell me the exact date of my Restoration date of pension. Thanks a lots

  3. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal says:

    What has happened regarding the periodical increases in restored portion of cumuted portion at the time of retirement in punjab.

  4. Abid Mustafa says:

    What isthe formula to ascertain due date of restoration,ice if a fed govt servant retires in Jan,2010 then what will be due date of restoration of commuted portion of pension

    • Agha Amir says:

      For correct answer, you have first to tell at what age the pensioner retired. If he retired at the age of 60 years, then the commuted part will be restored after 12 years in Jan 2022. If he retired at a younger age, then the date of restoration will also be different.

      Agha Amir

  5. abdullah shah says:

    Plz clarify this notification who will get the benefit of the same my father was retired on 15-06-2001 when will he get full pension as the 15 years will be completed on 15-07-20016.

    • Agha Amir says:

      Commuted part is restorable on expiry of number of years for which commutation value was received. If your father retired at the age of 60 years, his commuted part is restorable after 15 years with effect from 15-6-2016.

      Agha Amir

  6. Mohammad Atique says:


  7. ABDUL GHAFOOR says:

    dear admin,, plz let me know that can my father get benefit from this notification? he has retired from fed govt in2007

  8. saif says:

    Let suppose an employee us retired in BPS-09 in the year there any benifit for him/her.pls

  9. Faixy says:

    if a FG employee die in the age of 48, in jan 2003 in BPS 16, what's aRe the benefits for his family from this notification. Plz explain if anybody knows ؛

  10. naveed says:


  11. Mohammad Atique says:

    Dear Madam
    mere father 05-10-2001 ko retire huway aur 23-03-2015 ko un ki death hogai ab problem ye hai k kia family pensioner b surrendered commuted portion ko avail kr skti hai ya nai agr haan to tariqa kia hoga.plz reply must

  12. naveed says:

    Aik FG employee ki death 2008 main hue, aur uski family ko pension start ho gae to es notification se us family ko kea faida haasil hoga..??
    Plz clarify

  13. shahid aslam says:

    what is meant by this. clarify

  14. shakil rao says:

    Dear shumaila jee ye surrender portion of pension 10 years hy ya 15.
    Or han is surrender portion family pension k liye b hy ya nahe?? Confirm zaror karna

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