Decision of Wafaqi Mohtsib Regarding Appointing Against Employee Son Quota

Decision of Wafaqi Mohtsib Regarding Appointing against Employee Son Quota has been issued on 29-01-2016.

The complaint was against non-appointment of the complainants namely Muhammad Usman, Ali Zain, Masood Nasir & Muhammad Imran against “Employment of Children of Employees who died in service” quota.

Comments of the Agency have been furnished to state that the request being not covered under the policy does not merit consideration. Now PEPCO vide O.M dated 03-07-2015 has subsequently been approved that only one child of the employee who died during service will be given job irrespective of quota and cutoff date. The O.M is under process with BOD, FESCO for approval. The request of the individuals will be considered for employment in accordance with above FESCO office memorandum, after adopting of above Office Memorandum by BOD, FESCO. Further details can be read on the copy of the decision. Special thanks to Mr. Masood Nasir for sending the copy of the orders.


Appointing Against Employee Son Quota



  1. Mumtaz Ahmed says:

    It's extremely helpfull milord.

  2. Zulfiqar Ali says:

    Dear, Is there any rule or provision of son quota for any one of children of a Govt employee after his retirement and he is alive.If so then plz guide me

  3. Arif says:

    please inform that a chowkidar can be converted into naib qasid? is there any rule/regulation? if so please provide a copy of the same. Thanks

  4. asif shah says:

    Dear,I have passed the Departmental promotion typing test for junior clerk since 2012,because i work as achokidar but department no promoted me .my quesion is that i have passed or again typing test dena pre ga

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