GP Fund Interest Rates since 1954 to 2015-16

I have already published the GP Fund Interest Rates since 1963 to 2012. Now Mr. Liaquat Kamboh has shared with the GP Fund Interest Rates since 1954 to 2015-16.

Although here is no mention of the bonus in this list, however these rates are very informative.

In this post, you can also see the GP Fund Subscription Rates since 1986 from BPS-01 to BPS-12.


GP Fund Interest Rates since 1954 to 2015-16

GP Fund Subscription Rates - 1986 to 2016



  1. Mian Khalid says:

    Please provide the rate of Bonus on interest of GP Fund since 1980 till the date it was applicable

  2. Wazir Hussain Buriro says:

    Very good and best information for employees I regard owner of this web site there work is very best

  3. Aina says:

    Plz provide the order of Gp fubd subscription rates & interest rate for the year 2015-2016 issued by govt of sindh.

  4. Abdul Ghaffar says:

    kindly provide the order of SSB 30% Junior Clerk 2015 and 2016

  5. Farhan Sadiq says:

    Kindly provide the Order of GP Fund Subscription rates and Interest Rate fro the Year 2015-2016 issued by Govt. of Sindh.

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