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Ad posting online work is at peak these days in many countries especially in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and many other Asian countries. Many companies of the world Provide ads to post on various sites. The purpose of these companies is to promote their business online to every part of the world. For such purpose the companies

have made a deal with various online jobs provider companies to advertise their business and products.
These jobs provider companies have made their franchises in various parts of the world. Thousands of people are doing this online ad posting work and they are earning handsome money at their part time to meet their financial problems. Not only Employees of various departments are doing these online jobs but there are a huge number of students that are doing these jobs to meet their educational expenses.

For the purpose of ad posting online work, there is main problem that the workers face a problem of shortage of websites to post the ads. If they find some ad posting sites then these sites are not easy to post ads in them. Some times the requirement of the ad posting providers is that the customers must post ads in sites that must have some rank. Some times these sites don’t work. There are also many other problems that the ad posting online workers face.

For the convenience of these ad posting workers I have worked day and night to collect such sites that are so easy to post ads in them. I personally purchased some of these ad posting websites for the ad posting work not only from Pakistan but also from India and many other countries and at last I succeed in collecting huge lists of sites of about 30,000. I then worked hard on these sites to categorize them. I then checked these sites whether they are opening or not, checked them to find the rank of these sites, checked them whether they are easy to post ads in them or not. Not only me but also mine there colleagues spend sleepless nights to work hard on these sites.


Ad Posting Sites



There are many categories of these ad posting sites. I have categorized them according to ranks; according to registration and non registration sites. There are so many sites that required no registration; some sites are those that need registration to post ads in them. I have separated them in various files and folders. The main features of these sites are as under:

1-         0 Rank sites

2-         Ad posting sites with rank

3-         Ad posting sites with registration

4-         Ad posting sites no registration

5-         Mixed Ad posting sites

6-         Complete list of Sites

7-         Sites filtered as no double

You can download all a huge Free list of Ad Posting Sites  free from and continue your ad posting work with ease.

A Post Delivered by Qadeer Ahmad, Baghdad Railways Station,  Bahawapur.


Download Full List of 30,000 Ad Posting Sites



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  1. hello i am sabir. i am from pakistan. i have done Graduation. i find online form work. i have one year medical billing and coding. payment posting. charge entry. i have 50 word per minute typing speed. i know English. please any types of work. i wanna to do. i wise you all best.

  2. i am trying to find ad posting site but not able to find it in your link please send me URL link if possible , i will be thankful to you brother ,
    may Allah bless you

  3. Dear no need to send me money as reward of ad posting of sites. You can download from this site about 30,000 sites free. Just visit the heading of Earn Money Online of this site and u ll see there all category sites. Thanks


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