Free List of 3000 Ad Posting Websites

Here is a huge list of 3,000 ad posting websites. You can download it free. These websites list have been collected through the day and night work of our team. Some of them have been collected from the internet, some of them have been gained from friends and colleagues and most of them have been

purchased not only from Pakistan but also from foreign countries at a very high price only for those who work online ad posting work.

These ad posting sites are extracted from about 30,000 ad posting websites. It was a great task to me and mine team. First of all these websites were checked by opening them in URL Opener and then these sites were checked whether they are easy to post ads in them or not. These were also checked whether these are free to post ads in them or not. In the last I enabled to select the best ad posting websites that are fully functioning.  These sites are now using thousands of people of the world.




As you all now that Ad Posting Online Jobs are so much popular these days and thousands of people are doing these jobs at their part time and earning a handsome amount to meet their necessities. These online ad posting workers need websites that are working well and easy to post ads in them. Many people are worried that they have websites but not easy to post ads in them and they also worried that most of sites are not working or opening. But I have collected these sites and all these sites are working well. You have to just now click the link below to download the list of free ad posting sites; these sites are in WinRAR format. Download the WinRAR from here to open these sites. When these sites are opened you can see them in text document.

Download List of 3,000 Ad Posting Sites


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45 thoughts on “Free List of 3000 Ad Posting Websites

  1. We specialized in Bank Guarantee BG, Standby Letter of Credit SBLC, Confirmable Bank Draft CBD and other financial instruments from AAA rated banks.

      1. Can someone please share a list of 500-700 US based websites – without registration would be a plus.
        Also, please share a list of websites which currently work, thank you!!

  2. hj sir pls help mi recently i join this job to my area but its very hard to mi to search web links..i have to complete 3000 posting in one month ..and my score is now 150 entries only ..yet i pass 7 days.insted of 150 it should 700 ..sir pls send mi web links ..and they need only indian web sites. sir pls help mi i m poor student…i need u r help..after earning 5000 rupees which i advanced ghem i will leave this least give mi 1500 web links pls…i will pray 4 u….

  3. Its very hard to work on these sites because these websites needs registration before posting adds.
    Tell us about the sites in which we need no registration.

    1. dear there are so many adposting sites without registration at this site. just search by using this site search engine. there are there at adposting sites category.

  4. thanks man thanks alot you really did amazing job.. its never easy to find and manipulate ad posting sites like the way you have done i just fell in love wid your work a real man thanks man 🙂

  5. sir/mam i want 4000 free classified indian websites links. After the 1 year now only i got 1 online ad posting job. But i need 4000 links, please if u have means send to me immediately. please sir/mam…

    1. Dear you can find more website here in this site. There is a huge list of 30,000 ad posting sites. Just click the column of onlne earning and you will wonder how huge list of ads is there.

    1. AllahMuhammad92786 · Edit

      Dear check ur e mail and remember me in ur prayers
      keep in touch with Galaxy World for latest informative things and u can demand wt ur needs on any topic i ll provide you in here in the Galaxy World


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