How to Set Featured Image in Word Press Site?

Do you know when the featured image was introduced in the word press? It was introduced into word press in the version 2.9. Now you also want to know what featured image is. Featured image is an image that is displayed as a unique custom header image for a post or page. The featured image makes the post looking great and attractive. On the request of many friends I have made this post for the convenience of them. You can also get a benefit from this post. Featured Images are used on large scale on many sites posts especially featured images are the soul of  fashion designs websites.

How to Insert Featured Image?

The setting of featured image is not a difficult task for the experts but the beginners are some what confused about the setting of featured image. If the beginners or learners follow these simple steps they can easily insert a featured image into their post.

  1.   Just log into your word press admin.
  2.  Go to Dash Board and Click on new post.
  3. Write the title of the post and then description of the post.
  4. Then click on set featured image at the right lowest corner.
  5. A new window opens, Click on “select files” at this window and browse the image that you want from your PC. Now the file starts crunching.
  6. After the crunching is finished, give an alternate text in the Alternate Text Box.
  7.  Then just click the “use as featured image” and do nothing more, just close this small window.
  8. Click on “Publish”. You have done all that you wanted.




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