Issuance of the Revised PER Forms-Revision of Promotion Policy

Last Updated on January 17, 2015 by ShumailaKamal

Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division has issued Notification No. F.1/1/2013/RPF/CP-IX dated 14-01-2015 in connection with Revision of Promotion Policy– Issuance of the Revised PER Forms.

According to this Office Memorandum, in reference with the Establishment Division O.M No. 3/2/2012/CP-II dated 15-08-2013 on the subject and to say that in pursuance of said Office Memorandum, PERs for the calendar year 2014 and onwards are required to be initiated on revised PER forms which are available on the website of Establishment Division under the menu of “FORMS”.

Any PER for calendar year 2014 and onwards initiated on old forms shall not be accepted.


Revised PERs




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8 thoughts on “Issuance of the Revised PER Forms-Revision of Promotion Policy

  1. Dear shumaila madam
    I filled the proforma 2-3 months earlier to get salary slip via email but did not receive salary slip in email uptill now. plz let me know the reason behind.thanks

  2. M. javed khan CT BS 15 Education dept · Edit

    madam. A pst teacher (previously called ptc) died during service in 1999. His pension ,graduity etc everything was cleared on time but the heirs could nt got Group insurance fund due to lack of knowledge and having no responsible person in the family. Now plz tell me how can they receive group insurance. Which documents are required for this purpose and how will it process. Regards

    1. Dear Javed Khan I think now the same can be claimed. You should apply for the same now. The documents related to this case is not confirm for ur department. U should contact to the concerned office for the detail of the same.


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