Constitutional Petition No: D5171/2014-Upgradation of Statistical Assistant

In this Constitutional Petition No: D5171/2014-Upgradation of Statistical Assistant Michael Indaryas and others are petitioners and the Federation of Pakistan and others are Respondents.

The Case of Upgradation of Statistical Assistant

60 Statistical Assistants (BPS-14) of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics  from Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Jacobaad, Sukkur, Bahawalpur,Bahawalnagar, Vehari, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Bannu, Peshawar, DG Khan, Mangora, DI Khan offices files constitutional Petition Under Article 199 of Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for their up gradation from BPS-14 to BPS-17. This petition is filed against discrimination of Statistical Assistants of PBS as Statistical Assistant of Four Provinces has been upgraded in different departments from BPS 11 and BPS 14 to BPS 17 and also honorable Hyderabad High Court and Sukkar High Court upgraded Statistical Assistant from BPS 11 and BPS 14 to BPS 17 and Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan upholded the decision of up-gradation of High Court and dismissed the Govt. Appeal.

The Government of Pakistan Appealed that this Petition is not maintainable according to decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan Order Vide Dated 5-1-2015. But Honorable High Court pleased to dismiss the government Appeal and allowed the Petition and ordered vide dated 3-3-2015 that Petition will be decided on merit in the Services bench of Sindh High Court.

Note: The Next date of Hearing is 14-4-2015 before the Honorable Justice Muneer Akhtar and Justice Nazar Akbar.


Michael Indaryes     (Petitioner)


Statistical Assistant Upgradation


Upgradation Statistical Assistant


Updates of the Case of Statistical Assistant as on 15-04-2015

Govt of Pakistan submitted para wise reply of the  the case of Statistical Assistant  and next date within 3 or 4  days thanks Regards: Micheal Indaryas, Petitioner  03362378262

Updates of the Case of Upgradation of Statistical Assistant as on 25-04-2015

The next date of hearing is 19th may 2015 in Statistical Assistants Upgradation case in  C.P.D- 5171 before honorable Sindh High Court at Karachi. (Micheal Indaryas, Petitioner  03362378262)



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57 thoughts on “Constitutional Petition No: D5171/2014-Upgradation of Statistical Assistant

  1. date of hearing was 12-1-2017, but unfortunate death of Saeed uz zaman saddique Governor Sind the case was left over.
    the petitioner no is 03362378262 Mr. Michael Indaryas

  2. I am working as Stenotypist since 04.07.1993 in Population Welare Department but no promotion has been granted to me after expiry of 23 years in same scale. Sir any rule is available for my pormotion/upgradation. please reply. Thanks. Muhammad Shahid Steno

  3. all Statistical Assistants in BPS 14/16 who have master degrees in Economics,Mathematics or Statistics will be in BPS 17 SOON AS STATISTICAL OFFICER InshAllah according to court decision……

    1. Bahi jan main statistical assistant hon population welfare department bps-11 pay agr koie 14 ya 16 ka notification of tu wo tu send kren ap mery pass

  4. STATISTICAL ASSISTANTS OR ASSISTANTS OR SENIOR AUDITORS ALL ARE SAME /equal in education wise why they upgraded unequal , up gradation of posts should be under law and conditions of service/post…….in Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is disturb because old peoples/retired slaves of ruling political parties harass Statistics Division badly…..

  5. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics is almost one department where any one join this department in a scale PBS-11 and retired in the same scale after qualifying 30 years service. In every Department employee is promoted to the next scale after qualifying 10 to 15 years service. I can say that it is the best characteristic of Pakistan Bureau of Statics.

  6. statistical assistants ko case kerna ho ga govt. say apna haq lanay ho ga …..then possible ho ga…….same like assistants and senior auditors bps 16 and promotion ……

  7. All Statistical Assistant of Population Welfare Department Punjab · Edit

    We Statistical Assistants of Population Welfare Department Punjab are remain in BPS-11 in 2007 the General Assistant and Statistical Assistant were in same scale BS-11 but now the General Assistant are in BS-16, and LDCs are with us in BPS-11, The policies of Competent Authorities and Govt are very strange. we adopt all channel but no chance of up gradation uptil, Pray for us.

  8. Statistical Assistants,senior auditor and Assistants all were in BPS 11 , BUT In UP GRADATION OF POSTS SENIOR AUDITORS REACHED IN BPS.16,,,,,,,,,,SO HOPE ALL should be treated in same…………….

  9. Muhammad Javed Khan · Edit

    Me Muhammad Javed Khan from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad and I am the only one statistical assistant in this university in BPS-14 in Planning & Development Directorate of this University and my qualification is MBA in HRM and PGD in CS. So I want to know about up-gradation of the post of Statistical Assistant. Because now the Assistant goes in BPS-16 and our qualification is higher than those persons.

    Any good news so plz tell me with documents.

  10. Muhammad Ibrahim Sb, Can u share your notification when you worked in MO in Population Welfare. Notification through which u upgrade from bps11 to bps 14. Kindly share it with me. Thanks and wait your kind reply. [email protected]

  11. All Statistical Assistants/ Account Assistants/ Sub Account Assistants are upgraded from Bps-11 to BPS-14 vide Notification No. KC/FD/SO(FR)/7-20/2015 dated: 1.12.2015
    Congratulation jee

  12. Dears Salam:

    Me Hafiz Nasir Khan working as Statistical Assistant (B-12) in DG Office Peshawar, Just know about the up gradation of statistical assistant (i.e in BPS-16), if you have any current/updated information, Please share it with me….

  13. Respected man!
    I joined Govt Service in 1988 As Statistical Assistant (BPS 11 up grated BPS 14) in M / O population welfare (Defunct) consequent upon devolution of ministry of Population Welfare under Eighteenth Amendment of 2010 the control of my office (CW&S Karachi) has been transferred to M/o National Health Service, Regulation & Coordination govt of Pakistan (Islamabad) My date of superannuation is 07-04-2020.since date of appointment I am working at same at same BPS.
    my service is spot there any way for promotion if Ned more information in this case can be provide as required.Please advice me how I can claim promotion.I will be Thankful to you.

  14. iam oppoitment may 1992 as JST B.P 9 scale, and my promision HST BPS 16, 27 nov 2001 update in timing scale bps 17
    total my service 24 years, i want to retirment now, a covil servant shall retire from service on such date after he has 20 year of service Qulifing for pension are other retirment benifit, 20 year service. notification sindh Govt Gazettet karachi saterday 8 december 2001 notificaation number SLEGIS. 1 (32) 2001 the following ordinance made by the Governer of sindh here by publish for General the sindh civil servant second amendment ordinance 2001 sindh provincal number xxxviii of 2001 an ordinants the sindh civil servant act 1973….
    (20 years) of service as the compitent
    athority may in the public interest.
    please reply provided 20 year notification and my benifit

  15. salam dear Mam: i am statistical asstt BP-11,now upgraded one step i;e 12,but in panjab the same post is on Bp-14,any information about the same.thanks

  16. Plz any one can provede me statistical Assistant Upgradtion in Sindh Govt Notification in Health Department in connection Sukkar High Court Banch Decision,

  17. Abdul Salam Shahid · Edit

    AoA. dear mam have u any information about the hearing dated 14-04-2015 regarding the up-gradation of Statistical Assistant from BPS-14 to BPS-17. Please inform.

    1. Please update me about 19 May,2015 hearing about statistical Assistant Upgradation i am statistical Assistan in AJK Health Department

        1. Mam plz tell me that the upgradation notification of Statistical Assistant BPS-14-16, marked only for Statistical Division Employee. So, it’s means that it’s not for the other Statistical Assistants who work different federal departments.
          If u have any information I am tankful to u

          M.Javed Khan
          Statistical Assistant (BPS-14)
          Quaid-I-Azam University,
          [email protected]


    good work

    i am appointed as lecturer assistant 21.4.1989 bs 7 but no promoted todate now i am working bs 7 kindly advise me i can claim the promotion

  19. Dear MAM!
    I joined Govt Service in Feb, 1991. Due to Govt policy, I was terminated from service on 12 May, 1992 and reappointed on next working day i.e. on 14 May, 1992 (13 May was Friday i.e. weekend). Now I am being retired from service after attaining the age of supernumerary i.e. 60 Years in August, 2016. Kindly advise me whether I can claim the previous service for the calculation of pension only? If ‘Yes’ than give me the reference of Estacode or any other Govt Letter.


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