Pension Arrear Payment Punjab Govt Pensioners

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Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification No.FD.SRIII.4-41/2008 dated 07-10-2016 in connection with Pension Arrear Payment Punjab Govt Pensioners.

According to this Notification, it is advised that all pensioners of Government of the Punjab who have reached at the age of 85 years as on 01-07-2016 are allowed payment of arrears of increases on commuted portion of pension and these increases be paid latest by 31st December 2016, in two equal installments. Those who have passed away, their families /legal heirs are also entitled to the same benefit, under the rules.

It is to mention here that it is the 1st step and hope soon the other step due to which the below 85 years age pensioners will also be benefited, will be initiated.


Special thanks to Mr. Agha Amir for sending the info for the benefit of the concerned pensioners.


Pension Arrear Payment Punjab Govt Pensioners


Pension Arrear Payment Punjab


Pension Arrear Payment Punjab Govt



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13 thoughts on “Pension Arrear Payment Punjab Govt Pensioners

  1. Respected Sir. As per schedule Now govt has to pay above 75 year arrear in 12 instalment from 1st july 2018. But there is no installment paid till sep18

  2. The account office sahiwal is still denied to pay the arrears that they have not received the original letter from the concerned high ups. what should we do in this situation?

    1. Yeh plan tamaam pensioneron ke lye he.

      Jin ku umr 1.7.2016 ko 85 ya zyaada saal thi, un ko tamaam arrears do qiston me 31.12.2016 tak isi financial saal 2016-17 men mil jaen ge.

      Jin ki umr 1.7.2016 ko 80 ya zyaada, lekin 85 se kam thi, unko agle financial saal 2017-18 me 12 brabar qiston me milen ge.

      Jin ki umr 1.7.2016 ko 80 saal se kam thi, un ko arrears us se agle finanicial saal 2018-19 me 12 brabar qiston me milen ga

      [email protected]

  3. AOA. Thanks for pension arrears notification. please send us the notification when govt issue the 2 second step notification which is below 85 year age of pensioners


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