Notification of Amendment Police Rules 1934

Government of the Punjab, Provincial Police Officer has issued Notification on 15-12-2017 in connection with Notification of Amendment Police Rules 1934. Detail is as under:

In exercise of the powers conferred under Article 112 of the Police Order, 2002 (22 of 2002), the Provincial Police Officer, with the approval of Government of the Punjab, is pleased to direct that in the Police Rules, 1934, the following further amendments shall  be made:


In the Police Rules, 1934, in Chapter XXII:

  • For rule 22.3, the following shall be substituted:

“22.3. Station Clerk:- (1)  A Station clerk shall

  • Be a literate head constable or it literate officer:
  • Work under the supervision of the officer incharge  of the police station;
  • Act as a clerk, accountant and record keeper; and
  • A station clerk may be assisted by one or more assistant clerks.
  • The Provincial Police Officer may, by general or special order, assign any one or more tasks to any officer mentioned above.”; and

(2)  in rule 22.4, for clause (a), the following shall be substituted:

“(a)       He shall;

  • Maintain hard as well as soft copy (electronic copy) of the registers as per orders of the Provincial Police Officer;
  • Dispose of and be responsible for early disposal of all the correspondence as per instructions of the officer incharge of the police station; and
  • Write all reports and returns called for by the competent authority.”.

Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the Notification of Amendment Police Rules 1934.


Amendment Police Rules 1934


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