Provision of Certificate Regarding Drug Free Schools

Government of the Punjab, Chief Minister’s Monitoring Force, School Education Department has issued Notification on 28-12-2018 in connection with Provision of Certificate Regarding Drug Free Schools. Detail is as under:

                Kindly refer to this office even letter No. dated 05th November, 2018 for measures regarding Anti-Narcotics in Schools.

2.            You were requested to direct all Focal persons i.e. Heads of educational Institutions to fulfill their responsibilities in connection with Anti-Narcotics measures in schools. Detail of focal persons are also available on dashboard of Schools Education Department, however, in case of transfer / shifting of any Focal Person, the same can be updated under EDIT option available on the said Dashboard.

3.           You are therefore, requested to get certificate from the each Head of institution showing drug free school and the CEO (DEA) concerned shall furnish a certificate certifying that all measures regarding Anti-Narcotics have been taken in all schools in the district through e-mail at [email protected] by tomorrow positively.

Drug Free Schools

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