News Regarding Increase Salaries Govt Employees in Budget 2019-20

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I am sharing here the news extracted from the Daily Dunya in connection with Increase Salaries Govt Employees in Budget 2019-20.

                This is to mention here that it is only news and you know news is news and final will be done at the time of budget announcement.

                According to this news there is only 10% proposal in pay and pension of the Government employees as well as for the pensioners of Government of Pakistan.

                In addition to 10% Adhoc Allowance there is also a proposal of the Utility Allowance for the employees. The Utility Allowance ranges from Rs. 3000/- per month to Rs. 30,000/- per month depending on the basis pay scale number of the employees.

                Special thanks to Mr. Mahboob Alam, Mahar Abdur Rauf, Mr. Jawad Khan for sending the copy of the News Regarding Increase Salaries Govt Employees in Budget 2019-20.

Increase Salaries Govt Employees in Budget 2019-20

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23 thoughts on “News Regarding Increase Salaries Govt Employees in Budget 2019-20

  1. 10% or 20 % ya phir 50% karny ki bejaye.
    Tamam govt mulazemin chaye court ho ya koe or department scale wise San KO salary same ho.baaz idarown KO nawaza naa Jaye.ham sab Pakistani ha sab k Masai el ha in…insaaf ka maizaan barabar rakha Jaye.ya jin department KO salary kam ha in say sirf 2 ganty kaam leya Jaye

  2. Utility allowance is a dream for employees. This is not happening. How is it possible that they not giving 20% increase and on the other hand will be
    giving huge utility allowance.

  3. Ap log ku hamesha apna khun jalathy hay? Utility allowance sirf secretariat k liyi hy. Ku k un k saleries kam hay buhat becharo k.
    2ndly dua karay k khan saab ap logo se saleries deduct na karway. ( welcome to naya hell mehngai pakistan)

  4. Yeh jo utility allowance employ ko diya jaigha ho to har saal milta h ho b srif secritate k employs ko aur jo directate k employes h kya is martaba unhe b milegha….

    Muje nai laghta k directate k employes ko mile utility allowance

  5. According to news, the utility allowance is only for Federal Government Employees and not for Provincial Government Employees.

    1. Govt may merge three adhoc in the basic salaries,and then increase %.
      And the utility alliwnce should be same for all geades/scales

    1. Kahin aisa na ho k jo Ad-hoc Allowances mil rahen hain woh bhi na khatam karden. Is hukumat se to yahi umeed kar sakte hain.


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