The Bank of Khyber Offers Honda Motorcycle for Government Employees

The Bank of Khyber Offers Honda Motorcycle for Government Employees. Now employees can avail the facility of Honda Motorcycle with Zero Down payment.  This Scheme is useful for those Government employees and semi-government employees who are in need of motorcycle and they cannot afford to purchase the same on net payment due to low salary. Detail is as under:


Honda Motorcycle for Government Employees on 3 to 5 Years Finance


  • All Government and Semi-Government employees drawing salary through BOK can avail finance for Honda Motorcycle.
  • Finance Facility is also available in Islamic mode under “RAAST HONDA MOTORCYCLE MURABAHA”.
  • Zero down payments
  • Period of finance is 3 to 5 years
  • Registration is only in borrower’s name
  • Affordable markup / profit rates.


Honda Motorcycle for Government Employees


If you want to get the motorcycle you should visit the branch of the Khyber Bank. You can get further details of the amount and the bike. You can get the total price /amount detail, interest detail and per month installment.

It is to added here that Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has also launched Interest Free Loan Schemes for the Government Employees to purchase motorcycle, cycle, House Building advance and motorcar advance. Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan is another opportunity for you. There is also Faysal Bank Auto Finance to avail. You can also get the benefit from these programmes.

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