Rationalization Policy 2019 School Education Department Punjab

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued Rationalization Policy 2019. The department will post teachers according to the requirement in all over the province schools. However at the 1st stage, the rationalization process will be implemented in Primary and Elementary Schools.


Rationalization Policy 2019 for Primary Schools


  • Decision of the School Education Department Punjab to initiate rationalization process with effect from 14th October 2019.
  • Completion of the process upto 10th November 2019.
  • In primary schools and in the primary section of all the schools there will be posted minimum 3 teachers.
  • Male teachers will be adjusted in boys schools and female teachers will be adjusted in girls schools.
  • Female teachers will be posted maximum to a distance of 10 Kilometers. For male they will be adjusted no more than 15 KM.
  • The teachers (for surplus staff school) who has served long period in the school will be transferred to other school where there is deficiency of the teachers.


The surplus teachers schools will be based on the following formula:


No of Students Minimum Required Teachers
<=80 03
81 –  130 04
131 – 180 05
181 – 230 06
231 – 280 07
281 – 330 08


  • The teachers whose retirement is within one year will not be included in the rationalization process.
  • Rationalization will be online and teachers can submit their objections online.
  • CEO will solve the issue of the objections within one week after the completion of rationalization.


Elementary Schools


In elementary Schools the following teaching staff will be ensured:

  1. Headmaster / EST / SSE = 01
  2. EST (Physical) =01
  3. AT / Drawing Master = 01
  4. EST, SESE = 02 (English / Urdu or OT or SV / General)
  5. EST / SESE (Science) or EST / SESE Maths = 01
  6. EST / ESE (Computer Science) in Elementary Schools where labs exists
  7. Note: The posts of EST (Technical / Agriculture / Home Economics) will not be rationalized
  8. In case of one section addition in a class, there will be provided one EST or EST (Science) or EST (Maths) on requirement.


Additional Sections


  • Section Strength is upto 50 students
  • Students strength in additional section upto 50
  • Additional last section 25 to 50 students


Rationalization Policy 2019 School Education Department

Rationalization Policy 2019 SED

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