Award BPS-17 on Possessing Master Degree in M.Sc HPE /MLISc

. Directorate of elementary & Secondary Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has issued letter on 25-09-2018 and Office of the District Education Officer (M), Dera Ismail Khan on 25-10-2019 in connection with Submission of Documents Regarding Award BPS-17 on Possessing Master Degree in M.Sc HPE /MLISc. Detail is as under:


I am directed to refer to this office letter No. 4503-54 dated 20-04-2018 on the subject cited above and to enclose herewith a copy of letter No. SO (PE) E&SED/9-2/Librarian/18 dated 04-09-2018 alongwith a copy of an application duly signed by the concerned IPEs etc received from Section Office (Primary) E&SE Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and to ask you once again to furnish the following requisite documents in r/o male/Female DPEs/ Librarians working under your respective supervision who have been appointed before 2007 and submit their complete case along with your view/comments to this Directorate for onward submission to Admin Department for further necessary Action.


  1. Attested copy of 1st Appointment order as DPE/Librarian.
  2. Charge assumption report of 1st appointment order as DPE/Librarian duly attested by competent authority.
  3. If promoted through DPC, then submit book copy duly attested by competent authority/examined by pay fixation party alongwith a copy of LPC.
  4. If selected through Public Service Commission, then submit advertisement copy. Copy of the basis the concerned applied for the post of DEP/Librarian.
  5. Promotion order as DPE/Librarian BS-16 & 17 duly attested by competent authority.
  6. Copy of master Degree duly verified (in original) from the concerned university.
  7. Financial implication involved separate for each DPEs/Librarian concerned) duly examined by Accounts Officer concerned and countersigned by competent authority.
  8. Service Certificate duly countersigned by competent authority.


Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the letter of Award BPS-17 on Possessing Master Degree in M.Sc HPE /MLISc.


Award BPS-17 on Possessing Master Degree

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