A Bird’s Eye View on Last Pay Certificate (LPC)

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Last Pay Certificate is the certificate that is generally issued by an office to another office due to the transfer/posting of an employee to the other department.  It is a certificate that shows the full detail of rates of Pay & Allowances of the employee that he/she withdrawn during the last time from a certain office.

Last Pay Certificate of Employee


Whenever an employee is transferred to another office or institution LPC plays a vital role to get the payment from the other office or department. LPC must the countersigned by the Accounts Officer if there occurs the change of Account Office or CMA. However, a provisional pay can be passed by the other Account Office or CMA for three months on the provision of simple LPC. The employee must give a written application in this regard.


The detail of casual leaves earned by the employee is also mentioned in the LPC.


Main Point that must be kept in mind while issuing LPC


It is generally observed that in LPC the actual pay drawn from the last institution is shown. It is a wrong practice. The reality is that the rates of pay and allowances are to be shown in LPC. I think you have understood my point. If some of you not understood I shall give you an example. Suppose an employee of BPS-18 was on earned leave wef 01-09-2012 to 15-09-2012 and he/she was transferred posted to another institution during this month. During this month he/she got conveyance allowance only for 15 days Rs. 2500/-. We will not mention in LPC his conveyance allowance of Rs. 2500/-, instead we will mention Rs.5000/- that is the actual rate of conveyance allowance.

GP Fund Account Number must also be mentioned in LPC.

Detail of Advances taken by the employee with full detail of installments and the amount recovered up to this month must also be mentioned in the LPC.



Last Pay Certificate LPC


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8 thoughts on “A Bird’s Eye View on Last Pay Certificate (LPC)

  1. When a gazetted officer transferred/posted from one Ministry to another one, the parent department requests in written to the AGPR to issue LPC enabling the officer to produce the same to the domain where s/he is going to be transferred/posted, but if LPC is lost, [or an act of concealment of LPC occurs intentionally by some blackguard officials in the parent department even in conjunction with AGPR as a sinister revenge for the officer to be met by him in future or inadvertently], then how to retrieve LPC or what’s the next step/solution? I need its urgent response, please. Jazak Allah!

    1. If LPC lost, then verbally request to the concerned Auditor to reprint it and sign from AO again as original LPC will be required for activation of Pay.
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