Ban on the Use of Mobile in Educational Institutions

Directorate of Public Instructions Punjab Lahore has issued Notification on 08-11-2019 in connection with Ban on the Use of Mobile in Educational Institutions of the Province of Punjab. Detail is as under:

  1. The Competent Authority has desired that under the prevailing dangers of menace of Drugs in the Educational Institutions (Punjab & Private Sector) and to safe guard the Young Generation from this curse, it is mandatory to impose complete ban on the use of Mobile and other sources to use Social Media In the premises of Educational Institutions across the Punjab (Public & Private Sectors) and also for the children under 16-years.
  2. You are hereby directed to take the matter at your own personal level and Disseminate the directions of the Competent Authority regarding Ban On the Use of Mobile and other Source Of Social Media In the Premises of Educations Institutions Public & Private) to the field formations working under your Jurisdiction for Strict implementation in letter And Spirits.
  3. It may be treated as Most Urgent and strict compliance be ensured in letter & Spirit.

Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the Notification of Ban on the Use of Mobile in Educational Institutions of Punjab Province with immediate effect.



Use of Mobile in Educational Institutions

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