The LHC Order Sheet Regarding Similarly Placed Persons Entitled to Equitable Relief granted to Colleagues

The Lahore High Court Lahore has issued order sheet on 02-12-2019 in connection with Similarly Placed Persons Entitled to Equitable Relief granted to Colleagues. These LHC orders are for regularization of contract employees of Public Health Engineering Department Punjab. Detail is as under:

Learned counsel for petitioners at the very outset submits that services of similarly placed other employees have already been regularized by the respondent department pursuant to order dated 26-06-2019 passed in W.P No. 1400 of 2018, which is reproduced as under:

“2- During course of arguments, learned counsel for the petitioners, submits that identical relief to the employees of respondent’s department stood allowed on 08-03-2019 in Writ Petition No. 33067 of 2017 at Principal Seat of this Court, as such the petition are also entitled to the same relief.

  1. The petitioners similarly placed persons are also entitled to equitable relief already granted to their colleagues. As such the instant writ petition is disposed of in the terms of aforesaid order, provided still in field.”

When confronted, learned Law Officer, under instructions, frankly conceded the fact the case of the petitioners is at par with those, who have already been granted relief.

Special thanks to Malik Allah Yar for sending the copy of the the LHC Order Sheet Regarding Regularization of contract employees on the basis already regularized employees.


Similarly Placed Persons Entitled to Equitable Relief


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